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Marble Tiles in USA

In the latter half of the 2nd decade of this millennium Rollza marble tiles USA supplier rolled into revolutionizing the Marble Slabs market. With our futuristic visions and designing geniuses, transforming technological assets, the brand has already made not just a nationwide status of its own but also has registered a momentous global presence. Innovative quality and packed with loaded personality, the Large Format Marble Slim Slab Tiles have already created a buzz in and out of the Asian subcontinent. Be it the top quality certification for Indian standard or the much flattering United States qualified for marble tiles product assurance the brand has, in its short period, risen to unsurmountable heights. Already on top of the Indian market , Rollza marble tiles manufacturer has its eyes set on Global supremacy. Exporting to over 20 countries across the globe on 6 continents the brand has already fanned out its reach and thirst is not satiated yet.

The Marble Slab Collection

USA opened the gates for Marble Slabs for Rollza has its foot on the peddle after Pioneering the export dealing with Southeast Asia. High on its fruitful exports to Indonesia, and earning raving reviews from the customers, we definitely take pride in our export relations and envisaging new heights in the coming future.

Rollza is marching through its Vision & Mission of innovation and experimental techniques and has a revolutionary stance and approach for reaching perfection. Mimicking natural stones, our the marble look tiles find their way naturally and blend into every space, intended for any purpose.

We offer exports in two different sizes universally functional for all kinds of use and application. A practical yet innovative design had led to our premium line of Thin & Slim Marble Slab Tile Collection under Marbo Crust ®. Made on a Full body with a Nano Inorganic coating along with Wear Resistant Polishing GlazebyOverlapped glazing technology, the design, look and feel of the tiles are brought to life by the latest development in 3D inkjet Printing Technology.The Marble Slab Tile comes in various finishes, which are sure to make the heads turn.

Floor & Wall Interiors – the marble look tiles provide warmth, comfort, and, for the purpose of, inspiration and motivation inside a residential or commercial space.

Large Architectural Spaces – By design, the Thin & Slim marble floor tile naturally accepts a Large Architectural Space, given its own properties of an artsy piece of work, they completely blend into space.

Exterior Building facades – Without a doubt, the white marble tiles and engineered stones find their true place in facades. As a hard-wearing product and the aesthetically designed anterior, the Thin Marble Slab Tile is a palpable choice for your structure front. Not only does it provide a minimalistic but also a truly fashionable look to your building.

Our product assurance Having gone through a rigorous and meticulous process of creation, the Thin & Slim marble tile bathroom assure that,

  • Our Marble Slabs has minimum Water Absorption under ISO Specified standards,
  • They are Frost resistant;
  • Thermal Shock Resistant,
  • With Zero Moisture Expansion,
  • And are Completely Fire Resistance

Transformation for a functional and a more millennial lifestyle, Rollza has left no stones unturned to deliver to you the absolute quality which is the best technological and innovative designs; expanding our Slim Marble Slab Tiles.

Flexural Resistance: It makes for a better standing wall & floor with durability throughout the life of our tiles and lasts especially in a heavy footfall environment.

Frost Proof property: This factor of our slabs makes them ideal for outdoor usage. Ear Resistance quality reasons for retaining enough friction so as to evade sound.

Stain & Scratch Resistance: This Characteristics of our marble floor tile make it durable and easier to clean and retain the original exquisiteness every time.

Thermic Impact Resistance : This provides the Marble Slabs to tolerate the impact of objects falling on them.

Slip Resistance: property of our Marble Slabs provide for stability over it Chemical Resistance feature lets the white marble tiles last long and avoid any abrasion or wear and tear because of the use of foreign agents over it.

Easy to install, the Marbles are very convenient to put together. Ecological impact of our Thin & Slim Marble Tiles is very effectively achieved by our practices in production using less energy, and minimal mineral resources, the end product produces only half the amount of carbon than standard porcelain production.

Marble Tiles miami USA Supplier

At Rollza, we are committed to Engineer the limitations of Marble manufacturing and take it to unimaginable heights. Contact now marble tiles miami, USA for best marble slab prices.


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