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Rollza Granito LLP entered into the tiles industry with fresh, advanced and positive outlook towards discovering a better and more innovative ways to beautify spaces.Being one of the top manufacturers of a wide range of large porcelain vitrified slab, white marble slab, stone tile, kitchen countertops, granite tiles but Rollza specializes in Slim & Thin Porcelain Marble Slab Tiles.

Our product-line completely satisfies the most up-to-date requisites for contemporary planning for both internal and for extensive external areas of modern constructions. So if you are considering the natural stone look but worried about the maintenance, then choose from the finest collection of Marbo Crust, a new series of thin & slim porcelain slab marble tiles. Rollza Granito LLP has thus become the second name of trust, innovation and technology. We have gained the repute of becoming a creativity-centric organization. Besides, our clientele is extremely satisfied with the product-line and after-sales services of the company.

Our mission is designed at attaining ultimate quality and excellence to the core.


The key factors emphasized in the mission are:
To discover and come about with novel and innovative ideas.
To keep experimenting with advanced techniques.
To implement finest means of achieving perfection in this field.
To present a new thought and transform the whole face of the tile industry.

The vision which Rollza Granito LLP foresees is grounded on 5 main factors :


To lead the tile industry.
To be the trusted and most-preferred brand in terms of quality and finesse.
To have a pioneering approach in each step.
To have a revolutionary vision and goal.
To be techno-savvy so as to keep up speed with today’s times.

Research’, ‘Innovation’, ‘Transparency’, ‘Green Sustainability’ and ‘Social Responsibility’ are the values that recognize our way of doing business.


Rollza Granito LLP is committed to the safeguarding the environment as well as constant manufacturing upgrading, have assured that the company activities do not affect the environment and thus follow a very strict policy regarding all phases of the production process.

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