Wood Look Tiles Manufacturer in India
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Wood Look Tiles Manufacturer in India

Because of the wood look tile’s long-standing excellence, wood, the cherished surface that evokes the essence of nature, has become a must-have in many indoor and outdoor areas. Every homeowner or buyer has once wished to lay wood flooring on the floor but was quickly put off by the high maintenance and extravagant pricing.

Wood-look tiles, also called porcelain wood tiles are an efficient choice that blends the appealing look of wood combined with ease of upkeep! People always desire a warm and cosy design that really never goes out of style much like the wood look tiles. Wooden floor tiles are popular, as are wooden wall tiles for creating the ideal atmosphere. Wood-look tile manufacturers provide a huge selection of wood tile designs that are likely to appeal to you.

In the industry that has all the big names producing and offering different kinds of tiles, wood-look tile manufacturers are rare and when it comes to being a specialist, Rollza Granito has truly established its name as one of the top wood look porcelain tile manufacturers. Rollza Granito creates these floor and wall coverings in multi-colored body porcelain clay, which always has the benefits of porcelain whilst delivering a true recreation of hardwood.

Reasons to Choose Porcelain Wood Look Tiles

Rollza Granito offers a wide variety of wood look tiles that are created from porcelain clay. With the added benefits of the material, there are different reasons why wood look tiles should be on the top of your considerations.

Requires less maintenance

While a wood floor complements two distinct design styles – the traditional appearance and the robust look — normal wood needs continual treatment and care, to keep the edges from chipping, it must be sanded and waxed on a regular basis.  Whereas the wood look tiles are far less demanding of maintenance you will not have to worry about that with wood floor tiles in India because they are a durable, low-maintenance option.

Aesthetically Satisfying

While investing in a wood look tile, you need not feel like you are compromising anywhere. The aesthetic value of the wood look tiles is absolutely similar to the hardwood flooring. Each tile contains a large number of different prints, so there is a good variation across a level area; just like a traditional wooden floor. Additionally, you get the qualities of engineered porcelain tiles that make the investment worth it.

Tougher Alternative

Even the best quality hardwood slabs are easily scratched, any slight movement of any object, even simply dragging out a seat at the dining table can leave glaring scratches on the surface. They are substantially stronger than genuine wood and will not succumb to scratches, also since these are tiles they do not give in to stains either making them easy to maintain. The properties make it durable for a long time.

Moisture Resistant

One of the biggest disadvantages of true hardwood flooring is that it may behave undesirably. A wood-look tile made of porcelain provides you with that essential peace of mind, the moisture-resistant quality of the porcelain tiles makes them perfect for floors and for areas where water is unavoidable. With its visual appeal, you may conveniently install these in any space of your desire.

Where can Wood Look Tiles be installed?

Natural hardwood tile is a widely used substance, but its qualities do not enable it to be used in every situation. Because of its limited moisture tolerance, this is not advised for usage in moist environments. 

Baths, kitchens, and even patios are frequently devoid of pleasant and earthy cladding like wood. This exact issue is dealt with by the innovation of wood look tiles, they are specially designed to counter the limitations of hardwood application they have a water porosity that is near to nil and are thus ideal for places with increased moisture.

Given their qualities they are suitable for showers, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, kitchens, parking spaces, outdoor claddings – in short, they fit perfectly into every available space.

Rollza Granito

Rollza Granito may have been in the tiles for a short while now, but with its most modern technological breakthroughs and state-of-the-art facilities, they have already established a reputation amongst the biggest names in the business. They are known for their wood look tiles the world over. 

The shape, appearance, and feel of the tiles are brought to life by the newest breakthrough in 3D inkjet Printing Technology, which is made on a Full body with a Nano Inorganic coating combined with Wear Protective Polished Glazing using Interlaced coating innovation. At Rollza, they are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Porcelain Marbles manufacture to unprecedented heights.


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