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Silver Marble Tiles: Everything You Need To Know

What is Silver Marble Tile?

Silver Marble Tiles

Silver Marble Tile is a type of natural stone. It's also called Silver White or Alpine Tile. Silvery marble tiles are quarried and mined in the Alps for decades, but they can be found in other locations too like Italy, Slovakia, Spain, India and Mexico to name just a few.  These tiles has a natural beauty that never fades or wears away even in extreme weather conditions such as heat, cold, humidity or dryness. This tile is one of the most luxurious and expensive materials for countertops. They are ideal for bathrooms because it reflects light well which helps to illuminate a space giving it more depth than a dark surface.

Where Do You Use Silver Marble Tiles?

Silver Marble Tiles are suitable for exterior and interior use, which includes flooring, walls, tabletops/countertops and more. You can also find the good stuff in bars & restaurants as well as high-end hotels. Below you can find details about uses:

Exterior: exterior facades and walls (they are also used for outdoor furniture)

Interior: floors, walls and countertops (modern restaurants, hotels)

How Does Light Affect The Look of Silver Marble Tile?

Silver Marble Tile is always gorgeous, but it can really shine when illuminated by natural or artificial light. If you're thinking that's not exactly your thing, don't worry! When installed on floors and walls, It will still look amazing in dimmer light.

Facts about Silver Marble:

  • It is a type of metamorphic rock that has the natural color of silver, but also comes in various other colors like black and purple too!
  • The most prized marble from this family is a rare green marble called Verde Antique.
  • Silver Marble Tiles are a great option because they don't need to be sealed with any type of paint or sealant (although you can apply one for extra protection).


  • This tile is made from marble and has the appearance of silver which gives it its name "silver marble tile."
  • It is also comes in various other colors like black and purple too!
  • The most prized marble tile from this family is a rare green marble called Verde Antique.
  • Silver Marble Tiles are a great option because they don't need to be sealed with any type of paint or sealant (although you can apply one for extra protection).

Our Silver Marble Tiles By Spaces

Silver Marble Wall Tiles: 

Silver Marble Tiles On Wall

Silver Marble Tiles are lightweight and have a natural, elegant look. They're often used for interior walls as they can create the impression of an outdoor patio or garden while also providing a contemporary chic feel to any home. 

Silver Marble Countertops: 

Silver Marble Tiles On Countertops

Silver Marble has been popular with modern furniture makers because it is durable and easy to clean. It can be used for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms or as a distinctive tabletop surface. 

Silver Marble Floor Tiles:  


Silver Marble Flooring Tiles can be a beautiful addition to any space. It is an attractive alternative for those who are looking to make their floors stand out from the rest, but don't want anything too flashy or ostentatious.

Our Silver Marble Tiles By Finishes

There are main two types of finishes in which our silver marble tiles are available:


Glossy Silver Marble Tile

This is a sheen finish that has the reflective property of glass. The glossiness and tone can vary from semi-gloss to high gloss, with different levels of opacity depending on the surface area desired. Glossy Silver Marble Tiles have a more contemporary feel due to its shine and reflectiveness, which in turn gives off an elegant touch as well.


High-Gloss Silver Marble Tile

A High-Gloss finish with a more viscous and thinner type of polyurethane. A high gloss finish is one that has an extremely reflective surface, so much so that it can be difficult to see the material’s texture or pattern when looking at it from any angle other than head on. This sort of finish is typically used for countertops, furniture and windows.


Silver Marble Porcelain: 

Silver Marble Porcelain Tiles

Silver Marble Porcelain is the most decorative finish to date, with an appearance that captures both marble's classic look and porcelain's delicate detail giving it the best of both worlds.

Explore Our Silver Marble Tiles Product Collection

Here you can explore our latest silver marble tiles design collection:

Portoro Silver:

Portoro Silver Marble Tile

Portoro Silver Marble Tile is made of mixed marble with a touch of quartz. It has the appearance and feel of natural stone but it's more affordable than other stones, making this an economical choice for flooring or countertops in high traffic areas like your kitchen.

The most luxurious and exclusive marble tile for the discerning client. It is unparalleled in its beauty, character and quality. Portoro is a timeless surface with an incomparable warmth that will never go out of style. In recent years it has become one of the hottest design trends in the world of interior design. 100% Natural Marble Italian-Polished Finish

Silver Sand:


Silver Sand Marble Tile is a type of marble that has an off-white or silver color. It contains small amounts of black, gray and pink inclusions which are noticeable when you look closely at the stone. The veins are usually visible because they show through the surface layer of Silver Sand Marble Tiles. This gives it more character than if the veins were absent.

Silver Sand Marble Tile is quarried in Brazil, India and Italy. It's mostly used as a flooring surface because it resists scratches well. This can be polished to bring out its luster or left with an unrefined matte finish for contrast against other surfaces like granite countertops. It can be used as a wall covering, fireplace surround or furniture.

Neo Silver:

Neo Silver Marble Tile

Neo silver marble tile is a popular choice for the bathroom as it has fewer lines and color variation which makes it easier for people with vision impairments to identify. It's also easy to keep clean, making Silver Neo Marble Tiles attractive in spaces such as kitchens where grease builds up quickly. This variety of Neo Silver Marble Tile is created using natural stone crushed with other natural stones to create an even finish.

Alaska Silver:

Alaska Silver Marble Tile

Alaska Silver Marble Tile is a natural stone tile that has been quarried from the earth in Russia. It comes in dozens of different finishes to choose and can be used for both interior and exterior applications. This tile has subtle sparkles throughout the slabs and it comes in different sizes, so you can pick your perfect size for whatever project you have going on. Alaska Silver Marble Tile tends to be more of an off-white color that looks great against dark cabinets or if you want to contrast it with a dark floor.


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