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Porcelain Floor Tiles Supplier in India

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain has been commonly used to make tiles for many years, however, contemporary production processes and volumes have recently made porcelain tiles accessible to the average homeowner. Porcelain is significantly tougher than conventional ceramic tiles, and it is frequently chosen for its durability, despite its greater price. Porcelain is suitable for both damp and dry environments. With the desire for new ideas in ceramics and the necessity for new breakthroughs, innovative production and design concepts evolved, and new doors opened to investigate various ceramics; finally, Porcelain Tiles emerged as the Next Big Thing in Ceramic Tiles.

According to the ISO 10545-7 (also known as ASTM C1027) test for surface abrasion resistance of glazed tile, the wear rating of the tile may be rated from zero to five, and this can be used to establish appropriateness for various end-use situations. Along with wall tiles, porcelain floor tiles are particularly popular because of its sturdy properties. In the wake of new age and new demand many big names have emerged as leading Porcelain floor tiles supplier and one of them is Rollza Granito.

About Rollza Granito Pvt. Ltd.

In 2017, Rollza Granito was formed as a private limited company with the goal of producing digitally glazed vitrified tiles and soluble salt vitrified tiles with nano polishing. Rollza Granito blends quality, creativity, and current trends to create a diverse selection of superior items for the future. This is what puts them at the top of the list of India's best Porcelain Tile Manufacturers and as a major porcelain tiles supplier. They have excelled and created the basis of our thriving business, which is currently registered on over 5 continents, because of the same zeal. Our experience, one of the industry's most skilled teams, and a desire to continually advance in every aspect of product creation, manufacturing, socio-economic contribution, and customer support and pleasure is our driving force.

At Rollza Granito, the extensive experience, state of the art facilities and the zest to innovate and improve product quality has in turn made them one of the most respected ceramic floor tiles supplier in and around the Indian sub-continent, With more the 500+ clients across the world in around 20 countries, it has become a revered global name when it comes to glazed porcelain floor tiles supplier. With ultra-contemporary technology and a tight production process, Admin Vitrified has been able to stay up in the global market, and their personalised support system for solutions and inquiries makes them not only the best in the nation, but also one of the most promising companies in the world.


At Rollza Granito the product, which is created from natural raw materials, has the appearance and quality of real stones but is superior. Their porcelain tiles' unmistakable characteristics like moisture resistance, durability, and strength to withstand stress, wear, and tear over time are made possible by a complex and intense high-temperature treatment. The Porcelain Tiles are made from the highest-grade natural clay and go through a rigorous two-part sintering and pressing process. As a result of the rigorous treatment, a combination is created, from which their end product of the highest quality Porcelain tile emerges.

The treatment gives the Tile a lot of low-maintenance characteristics, as well as a high thickness and vital hardness to withstand all kinds of uses. As a respected porcelain floor tiles supplier their product are compliant to High Temperature, with even thickness & rigidity. Also, for functional attribute for example as a premier bathroom floor tiles supplier they take care of Slip Resistance, easy maintenance of their porcelain tiles. Apart from the more important, durability and easy maintenance factor their tiles are eco compatible, meaning they are environmentally responsible. 

Suited for All Spaces

Because they require less care, porcelain slabs and tiles are ideal for high-traffic areas such as corridors, stairwells, waiting rooms, and showrooms. Its tiles' sturdiness makes them acceptable not just for inside but also for outdoor use; their earthy tones and ability to resemble natural stones make it a practical choice for outdoors and is constructed to resist nearly any environment. Their Porcelain tiles have a varied and wide range of use in many areas of any space due to their qualities that are imbibed through an extensive production process. Their porcelain tiles and slabs are excellent for all living spaces, including hallways, waiting rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, thanks to their carefully infused features. Furthermore, owing to their qualities, these tiles are more likely to outlast any other tiles on the market, making them suitable for both residential and commercial areas.

Not only are the tiles useful, but they also come in a variety of appealing styles and finishes that are suitable for any surface. The tiles are exceptionally robust and resistant to breakage, wear, and tear, and their high density naturally lends itself to high traffic areas with strong footfalls, making them ideal for commercial complexes. Because the product is processed at extremely high temperatures, the composition gives it with the ability to withstand severe heat, making the tiles ideal for fireplaces, boiler rooms, and other high-temperature environments.

Porcelain Floor Tiles Supplier in India 

In the past decade alone with many new ventures coming up in the tiles industry, especially in the region of Morbi, Gujarat, Rollza Granito has been able to leave an unmistakable impression. Their quality, the innate zeal to conduct business by regularly investing on research and innovating new and improved tiles, has eventually put their name among the best in the industry. Porcelain floor tiles supplier chain in India got a whole lot stronger with Rollza as a major manufacturer of Porcelain Tiles and as a supplier and distributor not just in India but world over.

Because of its qualities and current in-house developments that they have accomplished through years of expertise and a team of professionals, their porcelain tiles are definitely a suitable alternative for marbles as well, and because of its adaptability, it is far better an option than genuine stones or granites.


Rollza Granito is the leading manufacturer and supplier of marble slabs and tiles. If you are looking for porcelain floor tiles supplier, consider Rollza Granito.


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