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Leading Marble Slab Manufacturer and Supplier in India

We are Rollza Granito PVT.LTD, we are India's leading marble slab manufacturer and supplier. We manufacture all types of marble slabs. Our company has been in the business for more than 2 decades now and our clients include interior designers, builders, retailers, wholesalers and homeowners from all over the world who need a beautiful product to beautify their kitchen floors or walls with elegance and sophistication!

Definition Of Marble Slab?

Marble is a metamorphic rock that consists of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. It can be used in construction and the manufacturing industry for flooring, walls, furniture (countertops), kitchen countertops etc.

Different Types of Marble Slabs

There are three types of marble for your consideration- White Marbles, Mixed Colors Marbles and Black Marbles. Each type has its own unique characteristics.

White Marble

White marble has a very even and clean appearance which is why it is often used in the home for countertops, floors, shower stalls or other areas where more of an elegant look is desired. It comes in many different colors such as white, light pink and beige with brown veins that adds to its beauty.

Types Of White Marble

  • Blanco Macael
  • Blanco Ibiza
  • Blanco Tranco
  • Blanco Carrara
  • Volakas marble
  • Lilac marble

Mixed Colors Marble

Mixed color marble is composed of various colors and textures which make it a very versatile stone. It can be used for floors, walls or other surfaces in the home where more than one type of appearance may be desired.

Black Marbles

Black marbles are often found as flooring material because they have so many different color variations. It's also known for its durability, resistance to spills and ease of maintenance which is why it's often used in these areas.

Types Of Black Marble

  • Negro Marquina
  • Calatorao marble

Our Marble Slab Manufacturing Process:

The first step is quarrying which entails mining the stone from an open pit or extracting it from underwater deposits on the ocean floor; then it has to be cut to size and then processed.

Processing involves cutting the slabs into smaller pieces, drilling holes for fixing them on a slab of concrete etc.; polishing by using various types of waxes or chemicals which helps in enhancing their luster; grinding them with other materials like diatomaceous earth powder and chalk as per client's specifications and finally locking them with a sealant.

How Marble Slabs Are Useful For Our Clients?

Marble slabs are a beautiful addition to any home or commercial project that require elegance and sophistication! They come in many shapes such as sheets, tiles or slabs and can be used for flooring, walls and many other surfaces.

Varieties of Marble Slabs We Offer:

There are many different types of marble available in our company like: white marbles, mixed colors marble and black marbles which come in various sizes as per client's requirement! They also have different finishes like high gloss, glossy, wood, bookmatch, satin and rustic which make them look even more beautiful!


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We offer great customer service to all our clients and are always ready to answer your queries. We have a dedicated team of marble experts that will guide you with everything from choosing the right type for your project, deciding on the size or giving advice on how best to care for it!

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