Gray Marble Slab: Everything You Need To Know About
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Gray Marble Slab

What Is a Grey Marble Slab?

Grey Marble Slab

The Gray Marble Slab is a slab of marble, quarried in Greece. The Grey Marble Slabs can be used for flooring and wall cladding as well as being popularly used on bars and restaurant tables. This type of stone has been prized by designers due to its soft color palette that blends with any decor style, from traditional to contemporary.

The Gray Marble Slabs can be polished to a high gloss or left with an earthy, natural finish depending on the desired design aesthetic. The Grey Marble is available in two finishes: High Gloss and Earth Stone Finish (ESF). ESF has been used for centuries as it provides warmth and texture that makes this stone a highly desired material for residential and commercial purposes.

Gray Marble Slab By Spaces

Grey Marble Wall Tiles:

Grey Marble Slab On Wall

Grey marble is a type of metamorphic rock. It comes in many variations, but most commonly falls between white and black. The grays are the colors you see when looking at it from different angles or under certain light conditions.

If used as wall tiles, these gray tones can make a subtle effect on your home. Although the grays are not typically used as a single color, they can be combined with other colors or natural stones.

When choosing these tiles for your home's interior design project, you should think about what else will go in that room and how those designs might compliment one another. In this way, the light tans of stone like marble and limestone can blend beautifully with the soft, cool colors of gray.

Grey Marble Flooring:

Grey Marble Slab On Flooring

The Grey Marble Flooring has a grey color and is used for flooring purposes. It can be found in different sizes, shapes, and finishes such as honed finish or polished. The minimum thickness available of this marble slab is 15 millimeters while the maximum thickness is 20 millimeters. You can also find it with other finishes such as polish, honed finish, and brushed. It is a good option for indoor flooring purposes because of its hardness level which ranges from 270 to 350 on Mohs scale.

Grey Marble Countertops:

Grey Marble Slab On Countertops

Grey Marble is a popular choice for counters in kitchens and bathrooms. It has an onyx-like coloration with grey veins that can provide a soothing look or give your space an elegant touch. What are some of the other finishes? You might want something with more character than just pure, polished marble. For that look, we offer a Honed finish which has the same coloration as the natural stone but is less reflective and satin-like in appearance than our Polished finishes.

Grey Marble Living Rooms:

Grey Marble Slab In Living Room

Grey Marble Slab is an ideal choice for living rooms and public spaces. It can be used in a variety of ways, from flooring to furniture upholstery.

In the case of this product, you are not just limited to one finish: there's rustic stone grey that has been buffed by hand with natural stones (unique), as well as a more contemporary, light grey. Gray Marble Slab For Kitchen: The versatility of Grey Granite Slabs also means that it is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms too.

Grey Marble Bathroom Tile:

Grey Marble Slab In Bathroom

The traditional, elegant look of marble is always timeless. If you're thinking about remodeling your bathroom or adding a new bath to the home, consider using grey marble bathroom tile for some of the surfaces and fixtures in order to complete that transitional style. The cool tone from this stone will work well with warmer tones and will be most at home as an accent in rooms with light colors such as white, cream or beige.

The grey marble is a popular choice for floors and countertops especially because of its durability and natural beauty. You can also use it to make your backsplash stand out more if you're looking for that extra detail. The stone will resist stains from water so long as it is sealed and maintained properly.

This stone will be more expensive than some but with the right application, you'll end up saving money in the long run because of its durability and beauty. If you're thinking about using grey marble for your bathroom, it's worth the investment.

Grey Marble Kitchen:

Grey Marble Slab In Kitchen

Marble is a durable and timeless material that will add both beauty and value to your kitchen. Marble has been used for centuries as the ideal surface for kitchens because of its attractive appearance, durability, resistance to common substances found in food preparation areas such as oil or wine, sturdiness against heat from cooking appliances including ovens and grills, and easy-to-clean surface. The style of the kitchen can be enhanced by using marble in one or more places, such as a counters, backsplash, table tops for appliances that will likely never need to be moved away from your counter space (e.g., dishwashers), or decorative accents on cabinet doors."

Grey Marble Slab By Finishes:

There are many different finishes options available in which we offer our grey marble slabs. Below you can get information about finishes which provided by us:

Glossy Grey Marble Slab:

Glossy Grey Marble Slab

The glossy finish of our Grey Marble Slabs is a polished surface that has been sealed with an extra layer of clear polish to give it a nice high gloss.

Glossy Finish provides the very best protection against both water and stains as well as minimizing any sign of wear or scratches from day-to-day use and traffic. It also has a nice natural sheen that is attractive to the eye.

Satin Grey Marble Slab:

Satin Grey Marble Slab

The satin finish of our Gray Marble slabs has been sealed with an extra layer of clear polish, but not polished as much as glossy so it will have a more natural texture and feel, which makes it look like stone in many cases.

Satin Finish is a great option for those who want the very best protection of their marble, but not all the shine and reflective qualities. It has more texture which makes it less slippery underfoot than glossy finish too.

Bookmatch Grey Marble Slab:

Bookmatch Grey Marble Slab

Bookmatch Grey Marble Slab is one of the unique slabs that we offer. The distinctive surface texture of bookmatched marble creates a dramatic visual effect for any design scheme by creating an optical illusion where it appears as if you are looking through two panes of glass. This type of slab also offers more color variation than typical polished stone due to the natural veining, which adds beauty to its uniqueness.

Matte Grey Marble Slabs:

Matte Grey Marble Slabs

The matte finish of our Gray Marble slabs does not have any polish applied. It is a rougher finish that will have more texture and feel like stone in many cases.

Matte Finish provides the lowest protection against both water and stains, as well as showing any sign of wear or scratches from day-to-day use and traffic. This option also has the least amount of shine or reflective qualities which some people prefer.

Rustic Grey Marble Slab:

Rustic Grey Marble Slab

The Rustic Grey Marble Slab is one of the most popular and widely used tiles on the market. It’s smooth, rustic finish with its natural distressed look can be found in many homes around North America today. The versatility of this product means that you can use these slabs as flooring for your home or bathroom walls to create a natural and rustic look.

High-Glossy Grey Marble Slab:

High-Glossy Grey Marble Slab

The High-Glossy Grey Marble Slab is the perfect marble slab that is used for most of your interior and exterior design. It has a high gloss finish with subtle hints of cooler gray colors. The slabs are available in various sizes ranging from 12x12 to 24x24 inches, so you can get just what you need for your project.

Grey Marble Slab By Size

We provide our grey marble slab in following sizes:

  1. 600X1200 MM
  2. 800X1600 MM
  3. 800X1800 MM
  4. 1200X1200 MM


Explore Our Latest Grey Marble Slab Designs or Products Collection

Below you can explore our latest grey marble slab designs and products collection:

Armani Grey Marble Slab:

Armani Grey Marble Slab

Armani Grey marble slabs are one of the most popular types. Armani Grey Marble Slab has a lot of uses in modern interior design and architecture, but it can also be used as an exterior material for patios, pools or other outside areas. It's a high quality stone that is not only beautiful to look at, but also durable and long-lasting.

Armani Grey marble slab has a very uniform pattern of medium to dark grey colors with small white veins throughout, giving it a beautiful mix of light and shade that is both elegant and dramatic. It's one of the most popular varieties in its entire color range because it is so versatile for different spaces.

Breccia Grey Marble Slab:

Breccia Grey Marble Slab

A Breccia Grey Marble Slab is a type of marble slab that is characterized by an organic, globular appearance. This surface finish creates natural-looking and distinctively textured slabs which can be applied to both interior and exterior applications. The material’s distinctive patterning also provides aesthetic appeal for any application in need of a natural look.

The Breccia Grey Marble Slab is popular for both bathroom and kitchen countertops because it works well with most other colors in these rooms. The material's distinctive patterning also provides aesthetic appeal to any application in need of a natural-looking design element.

Calacatta Grey Marble Slab:

Calacatta Grey Marble Slab

Calacatta Grey Marble Slab is made of high quality Italian marble. It has a light gray color with white veins and it's very durable against wear-and-tear because of the tight density that makes up its makeup. This type of stone can't be found anywhere else in the world, making Calacatta Gray one of the most popular and sought after types of marble slabs.

Antique Grey Marble Slab:

Antique Grey Marble Slab

Antique Grey Marble Slab is a beautiful marble slab that has been restored and chemically treated with an antique finish. It features subtle waves in the pattern, textured surface and earthy colors.

The Antique Grey Marble Slab can be used for many different applications including flooring, shower surrounds, vanity tops or decorative panels on walls.

Pulpis Grey Marble Slab:

Pulpis Grey Marble Slab

Pulpis Grey Marble Slab has a dark and light grey, with yellow brown veins running throughout. This marble slab is perfect for those who are looking for the beautiful colors in stone without being too bold or bright. The Pulpis Grey Marble slabs will create an elegant atmosphere to any project you put them on. This marble slab will add a touch of elegance to any space you choose to use it in.

Smoke Grey Marble: 

Smoke Grey Marble Slab

Smoke Grey Marble is a very dark, high-contrast color that creates an elegant design. The marble’s opaque surface hides any imperfections or veins in the stone and provides depth for contemporary designs

The variety of colors you can choose from allows you to find just the right tone to match your style. You can also mix different shades and create a custom color to perfectly match your design needs.

Florence Grey Marble:

Florence Grey Marble Slab

The Florence Grey Marble is a beautiful grey marble with subtle veins of beige and green that compliment the neutral color. The surface, or "skin" as it's called in this type of stone, displays some unique characteristics like having well-defined horizontal lines on its top layer that are caused by minerals sinking to the bottom while forming. This type of stone is popular as an interior flooring and wall cladding material, but can also be used on countertops.

Amarone Grey Marble Slab:

Amarone Grey Marble Slab

Amarone Grey marble slab is a beautiful color option for your kitchen. It has an elegant and clean look to it that will go with any other decor you might have in the room. This particular finish holds up well against heat, which makes this material perfect for countertops or tabletop workstations as well as backsplashes. The beauty of this finish is that it will not wear off due to heat.

Armano Grey Marble Slab:

Armano Grey Marble Slab

Armano Grey Marble Slab is a stunningly elegant and timeless addition to any home. Its subtle variation of grays make it ideal for achieving the perfect balance in your space, whether you want to add warmth or elegance. This slab has an honed finish type which makes it very durable while preserving its signature natural texture. Armano Grey Marble is quarried in Italy and has been used for centuries to design dramatic architectural spaces.

Astra Grey Marble:

Astra Grey Marble Slab

Astra Grey Marble is a classic grey color that has been used by various builders and designers over the years. This marble slab can be seen in interior spaces like lobbies, restaurants, hotels or even public buildings of all sorts. Astra Grey Marble adds an elegant touch to any space while also providing beauty and luxury with its natural stone finish.

Astra Grey Marble is available in two finishes, polished and honed. Polished marble slabs have a shiny finish that can reflect light with an impressive shine while Honed Slab has a characteristic hazy or frosty look on the surface which offers more of a natural stone appearance than polished options.

Belly Grey Marble Slab:

Belly Grey Marble Slab

Belly Grey Marble Slab is a type of marble that has been cut into the form of slabs. It is used for flooring and decorative purposes. This stone can be found in many colors, but it's grey color can make any room look great! The natural looking veins on this slab add to its beauty.

Purchasing marble slabs for your home or business can be very beneficial because they have many different uses! They are great as flooring, backsplashes, fireplaces, mantles and much more!

Beltile Onyx Grey Marble:

Beltile Onyx Grey Marble

Beltile Onyx Grey Marble has been quarried in Turkey for centuries and cut into slabs to meet your needs! This gorgeous stone provides excellent durability, strength, and style that will last you through years of use! The colors on this dark-gray beauty are stunning, with the veins and swirls of black onyx mixed in for a one-of-a-kind look.

Bosco Grey Marble Slab:

Bosco Grey Marble Slab

A Bosco Grey marble slab is a popular choice for those looking to create an elegant and timeless appeal. The color can be made from the traditional grey or white with tones of black inclusions that give this type its name. This creates a highly durable surface perfect for use as flooring, countertops, tables, shelving and more!

Camba Grey Marble Slab:

Camba Grey Marble Slab

Camba Grey Marble Slab is one of the most popular marble slabs in the market. This marble slab has been used for years and it's an industry standard due to its beauty, high quality and durability. Camba Grey Marble Slab is a light grey color with mottled veins throughout that creates depth within the stone. It's a unique color that is perfect for both residential and commercial settings.

Camba Grey Marble Slab can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, home offices, or entryways to name just a few. It's an excellent choice if you're looking for something neutral but still want to incorporate some natural beauty into your space.

Cemento Grey Marble Slab:

Cemento Grey Marble Slab

Cemento Grey Marble Slab is a hand polished, veined slab that comes in various sizes. This marble can be used for kitchen countertops and flooring due to its color variations. The veins of this type of marble are light grey with black bands running through it giving it a unique appearance that many people enjoy.

Cerribean Grey Marble Slab:

Cerribean Grey Marble Slab

Cerribean Grey Marble Slab is a beautiful product that gives you the feeling of calmness and fresh air. This marble slab has an amazing texture and design to it, giving any space a new dimension. It's usually used as counters for bathrooms or kitchens because it has such great durability. Cerribean Grey Marble slabs have a natural and earthy feel to them, making it perfect for any room.

Concrete Grey Marble Slab:

Concrete Grey Marble Slab

Concrete Grey Marble Slabs are a great way to add some style and elegance to any space. This type of marble is perfect for any home, office, or commercial project. It has an exquisite grey color that will make your room feel more sophisticated than ever before with its cool hue."

Coral Grey Marble Slab:

Coral Grey Marble Slab

Coral Grey Marble Slab is one of the most popular marble slabs. The color comes from a combination of different whites and greys; its depth can range from light tan to dark grey. This marble slab has an elegant, smooth look that will make any space feel high-end. It also offers great versatility as it pairs well with light and dark tones alike.

Cortona Grey Marble Slab:

Cortona Grey Marble Slab

Cortona Grey Marble Slab is a light grey marble slab. It has an option for natural polished finish as well as honed and brushed finishes. This type of marble is suitable for both indoor & outdoor use; depending on the desired finish selected, it can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, countertops, shower walls/ceilings, flooring, and more.

The Cortona Grey Marble Slab has an average thickness of 20mm with a size range from 30x30 to 40x40cm; there is also the option for smaller 12 x12" marble slabs in some cases. What's unique about this product is that it can be made into any shape or size, so if you're looking for something more customized this is a great option.

Crema Grey Marble Slab:

Crema Grey Marble Slab

The Crema Grey Marble Slab is perfect for a kitchen, bathroom or any other room in your home. This marble slab has a glossy finish on one side and matte finish on the other. The unpolished surface of this stone creates an uneven but textured appearance that adds to its natural charm.

Creta Grey Marble Slab:

Creta Grey Marble Slab

Our Creta Grey Marble Slab has a creamy beige-grey color that is perfect for any type of kitchen. It's easy to maintain, and it comes in an array of sizes to suit your needs. This marble slab can make any room feel more luxurious with its natural beauty.

Egesta Grey Marble Slab:

Egesta Grey Marble Slab

Egesta Grey Marble Slab is one of the most popular marble slabs in India. It's colors range from various shades of grey, brown and beige that gives it an irregular pattern. This stone has been cut into sizes ranging from 600x600mm to 1000x1000mm with thicknesses varying between 15mm - 40mm.

Empro Grey Marble Slab:

Empro Grey Marble Slab

If you're looking for durable and elegant marble slabs that will last a lifetime, then Empro Grey Marble Slab may be the right choice. This is because it has an extremely smooth surface that's also acid resistant, stain resistant, easy to keep clean with regular periodic care or maintenance as well as being sanitary thanks to its slip resistant surface.

It is also a good idea to consider the different finishes in which Empro Grey Marble Slab can be found because they are all available with Polished, Tumbled or Honed finishing options and each of these three has their own unique style that will help you find one that suits your needs best.

Endilo Grey Marble Slab:

Endilo Grey Marble Slab

Endilo Grey Marble Slab is the perfect solid surface for those looking for an affordable way to bring a luxurious feel into their living spaces with its soft sheen that reminds you of natural stone. We have various sizes available starting from small to large.

Filetto Grey Marble Slab:

Filetto Grey Marble Slab

Filetto Grey Marble Slab is a grey granite with an off-white vein. (It does not come in other colors.) It can be used as both exterior or interior flooring because it’s very durable and scratch resistant. This marble slab also comes in smaller slabs that can be cut to fit any size of space you need, making it perfect for any home.

Galactic Grey Marble Slab:

Galactic Grey Marble Slab

Galactic Grey Marble is a dark grey color with brown and white veining running through it. It’s often used for more traditional flooring, but also as an accent in modern spaces because of the variations within the stone.

Gayro Grey Marble Slab:

Gayro Grey Marble Slab

Gayro Grey Marble Slab is a beautiful marble slab. The color of the Gayro grey marble slabs are black, gray and white in some cases. They look best when they are matched with other colors like beige or cream shades but can also be used on their own to create an elegant feel to any space. This particular type of marble slab is also often used to create designer floors and countertops.

The ability to use a natural stone in space, without the hassle of it being susceptible to damage from spills or scratches brings this type of product one step closer towards being an excellent choice for any home owner's needs. You can choose your favorite color or not worry about the color at all, it will still look amazing.

This kind of marble slab is often used in kitchens or bathrooms to bring that natural feeling into the space. They are typically a little more expensive than other types of marble slabs but they're worth every penny!

Helix Grey Marble Slab:

Helix Grey Marble Slab

Helix Grey Marble Slab is a grey marble slab with an off-white finish. The stone has plenty of natural texture and swirls, providing depth to the design that's sure to make any room feel larger than it actually is. This particular type of marble slab offers not only a beautiful smooth surface but also durable surfaces for everyday use.

Hexa Grey Marble Slab:

Hexa Grey Marble Slab

Hexa Grey Marble Slab is a popular marble slab for home and commercial use. This stone has been widely used in interior design, specifically on walls and flooring. Hexa Gray marble slabs are typically available in 12”x12", 18"x18", 24"x24". The most common size of this type of marble slab is 12"x12".

In addition to being used on walls and flooring, Hexa Gray Marble Slabs have been recently utilized in furniture design. One example of this type of use would be as a table top with accompanying base. The hexagonal pattern that can be found throughout the stone provides an interesting aesthetic from which to build a design.

Iris Grey Marble Slab:

Iris Grey Marble Slab

Iris Grey Marble Slab is a beautiful, classic marble finish that has been popular for decades. This elegant stone features tones of gray mixed with light purple and white speckles to create an eye-catching design fit for any home. It’s best used as a wall or flooring material in traditional spaces like kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms.

Jupiter Grey Marble Slab:

Jupiter Grey Marble Slab

Jupiter Grey Marble is a light to medium grey color marble slab. The vein lines in this stone are often dark charcoal or black and the veins can be seen from all angles. While some stones may have more of an off white appearance, with time it will turn natural colors such as pinkish hues.

Jupiter Grey Marble Slabs are one of the most popular marble stones used in flooring and cladding throughout North America, Asia Pacific countries, Europe and Latin American Countries. Its rock appearance is so captivating that it makes a great choice for contrast with natural stone tiles or other light colored materials such as wood.

Jupiter Grey Marble Slabs are typically priced at a median cost, with some variation depending on the size and shape you choose. The stone is much more durable than other marble stones due to its dense composition.

Keronix Grey Marble Slab:

Keronix Grey Marble Slab

Keronix Grey Marble Slab is a unique marble slab that comes in shades of light grey. These slabs are very uniform and even in color, with minimal veins or markings present on the surface. It has a smooth finish as well which makes it suitable for many applications such as flooring, countertops, furniture panels, etc.

Keronix slabs are also suitable for both interior and exterior use. The marble’s hardness makes it perfect for heavy duty usage without breakage or chipping of the material; however, care must be taken to avoid exposure to extreme heat (above 120 degrees) and the use of acid-based products.

Lasa Grey Marble Slab:

Lasa Grey Marble Slab

Lasa Grey Marble Slab is a beautiful type of marble slab that has dark gray and light grey colors. This makes it great for any application where you need something with extra contrast. It's also affordable, which means you can have your pick in size!

Lava Grey Marble Slab:

Lava Grey Marble Slab

The Lava Grey Marble Slab is a unique type of marble slab. It has been designed to suit the needs of both homeowners looking for something eye-catching and durable, as well as architects seeking an elegant product that will last through years worth of wear and tear. Homeowners may want this product because it offers bright, clean lines with a depth that is sure to be the center of attention.

Liza Grey Marble Slab:

Liza Grey Marble Slab

The Liza Grey marble slab is a light grey color with flecks of black. It has been quarried in Italy and then shipped to North America for installation as countertops, flooring or other architectural work. This Italian quarry was famous for its high quality stone that had an elegant appearance which made it perfect for use in homes where elegance is desired.

The Liza Grey marble slab has a polished finish and is available in slabs of various sizes to accommodate any project that you are working on, from countertops to flooring for the home or commercial location. The stone can be used as either a solid surface material, with an exposed face which will show off its elegant patterns, or it can be used with a honed finish which will hide the surface patterns of the stone.

Marbolo Grey Marble Slab:

Marbolo Grey Marble Slab

Marbolo Grey Marble Slab is a beautiful variation of the original Marbolo White marble slab. This variant has more depth, with different shades of grey that are lighter and darker giving it an interesting contrast when installed in kitchens or bathrooms. These slabs are also available in both polished and honed finishes which can be used to create a more modern or traditional feel, respectively.

Miel Grey Marble Slab:

Miel Grey Marble Slab

A relative newcomer to the marble slab game, Miel Grey Marble Slab has only been around since 2014. With a color palette that's unlike any other on this list, it offers an intriguing alternative for those looking for something outside of the usual cream and black inclusions. The lightest colors are grey with flecks of white throughout; the darkest are black with flecks of white throughout.

Morris Grey Marble Slab:

Morris Grey Marble Slab

Morris Grey Marble Slab is a signature finish of Verde Antique. The Morris Grey marble slab has an antique, weathered look that emphasizes the natural depth and beauty of this popular grey hue. It's perfect for any space where you want to add distinctive character, from bathrooms to living rooms.

The elegant look of a countertop will make your kitchen shine. Whether you want to create an open, airy feel or opt for high-end elegance, there's a finishing option that is perfect for you and your space.

a) Verde Antique Morris Grey Marble Slab:

The Verde Antique Morris Grey marble slab is a semi-polished finish that has an antique, weathered look to it. With the natural depth and beauty of this popular grey hue, the stone enhances any space without being overpowering. This high quality material will last for years with minimal upkeep required due to its low risk of staining.

b) Carrara Verde Antique Morris Grey Marble Slab:

The Carrara Verde Antique Morris Grey marble slab is a polished finish that has an antique, weathered look to it. With the natural depth and beauty of this popular grey hue, the stone enhances any space without being overpowering. This high quality material will last for years with minimal upkeep required due to its low risk of staining.

Mozeco Grey Marble Slab:

Mozeco Grey Marble Slab

Mozeco Grey Marble Slab is a stunning, white marble slab with grey veins running through it. The consistency of this color makes it perfect for modern design and architecture projects looking to create an aged effect but still maintain its beautiful natural look at the same time.

Ontario Grey Marble Slab:

Ontario Grey Marble Slab

Ontario Grey Marble Slab is a Quartzite stone. It has an off-white color with grey and brown veins, which gives it its name. What does the Ontario Grey Marble look like? The texture ranges from fine to coarse depending on the degree of veining in each slab. The natural variation within this product means that no two pieces are alike.

This slab has a unique, earthy look that is popular in modern design and architecture. The vein patterns give the marble an organic quality with natural variation throughout each piece. Ontario Grey Marble Slab also features great durability and stain resistance which makes it perfect for kitchens! In addition to being beautiful, this product is durable and stain resistant.

Ostra Grey Marble Slab:

Ostra Grey Marble Slab

The Ostra Grey Marble Slab is a gorgeous light grey marble with an airy and soft feel to it. The veins in the stone come naturally from the quarry, giving each slab its own unique appearance. It has more of a chalky white or silver color when viewed up close but when used as flooring becomes darker and gray.

Oxy Grey Marble Slab:

Oxy Grey Marble Slab

The Oxy Grey marble slab is a very dark grey color with black veins. This means it has both black and white in the marble slabs, giving this particular variety of marble its unique appearance. It’s also one of our most popular colors because it can go well with any other color palette you might have for your home or business.

Paradise Grey Marble:

Paradise Grey Marble Slab

Paradise Grey Marble is a cream-colored marble with grey veins. The stone has very little coloring and can be used without any additional staining or sealing to achieve the desired coloration before installation. It's also great for areas that will not experience heavy traffic, as it does not have much wear resistance and scratches easily when compared to other marbles.

Roast Grey Marble Slab:

Roast Grey Marble Slab

Roast Grey Marble Slab is a light gray with warm brown undertones. This marble slab has been polished to reveal the natural beauty of this stone which will provide an elegant look for your home or business. Roast Grey Marble slabs are available in different sizes and finishes providing you the ability to find one that suits your needs best.

Roma Grey Marble Slab:

Roma Grey Marble Slab

Roma Grey Marble is a beautiful marble that has an off-white coloring with gray lines. This type of grey marbles is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, as it works well to provide contrast against the white ceramic tiles often used in such rooms. Roma Gray Marble can be found on our website at any size up to 808 by 1600 MM”.

Royal Armani Grey Marble Slab:

Royal Armani Grey Marble Slab

Royal Armani Grey marble slab is a grey-silver color. It has the natural characteristic of black and white veins which make it unique from other slabs. Royal Armani Marble Slab can be used as part of an outdoor landscaping project or for indoor flooring, counter tops, baths/showers and even around fireplaces.

Salanca Grey Marble Slab:

Salanca Grey Marble Slab

Salanca Grey Marble Slab is a beautiful marble slab made from natural dark grey marble stone. The Salanca Grey Marble Slabs are available in various sizes of 300x300mm, 600x600mm and 1200x1200mm thicknesses with polished or honed finishes. It's unique striping pattern resembles the milky way galaxy while the dark grey creates contrast and depth.

Saran Grey Marble Slab:

Saran Grey Marble Slab

Saran Grey Marble Slab is a neutral color, which can be used for any décor. Saran grey marble slab has a finer graining pattern that gives it an elegant look and feel to your flooring choice. This gray shade is one of the most popular colors in today's market because of its versatility and beauty. The subtlety of this shade is enough to accentuate a room without overwhelming the space.

The color of Saran Grey Marble Slab provides natural warmth with its cool undertone, while still offering a soothing touch in the living spaces. With decorative earth tones as accents, it will be possible for you to create an ambiance that has both depth and richness. This is a great color for people who want their homes to feel inviting.

Seastone Grey Marble Slab:

Seastone Grey Marble Slab

Seastone Grey Marble Slabs is the top quality marble which has a variety of colors. The light color makes it look like snow in winter and also gives this flooring an elegant appearance. These slabs come from Greece, Italy, Turkey or India depending on your requirements. This quarry stone can be used as wall cladding in addition to flooring in any area of your house. The cost varies from slab to slab because the price is determined by color, quantity and quality availability as well as geographical location.

Slate Grey Marble Slab:

Slate Grey Marble Slab

It has a cool and calm appearance which is why slate grey marble slabs are also used in the building of churches or other religious buildings. Slate Grey Marble Slab can be carved into various shapes to create an interesting look for your home's design but should only be chosen by people who have delicate skin as it may cause dryness in those with sensitive skin.

This marble slab can be used in any room of your home, but because it is a lighter color you may want to use this as an accent or focal point rather than the only thing that stands out on one side of the room. The slate grey finish will make for easy cleanup and care but does need more frequent sealing than other colors.

Stark Grey Marble Slab:

Stark Grey Marble Slab

The stark grey finish of this marble slab is perfect for those who want a neutral appearance in their home but still want the elegance that only marble can provide. Stark Grey Marble Slab has a smooth and satin-like feel which makes it one of the most popular choices among homeowners looking to create high-end style on an affordable budget.

Trex Grey Marble Slab:

Trex Grey Marble Slab

Trex Grey Marble Slab is a grey marble slab. This type of marble slab has the characteristic texture that makes it attractive for residential and commercial floors, countertops, walls and other interior or exterior applications.

Valancia Grey Marble Slab:

Valancia Grey Marble Slab

Valancia Grey Marble Slab has been quarried from Brazil which offers this unique grey color with subtle white veins running along its surface giving it a beautiful geometric design. This stone offers durability, strength, wearability and elegance for your countertops or flooring needs. The grey color has been popularized as one of the most popular colors for marble in modern homes.

Vinta Grey Marble Slab:

Vinta Grey Marble Slab

The Vinta Grey Marble Slab is beautifully textured with a sleek and modern look. This slab has an earthy grey hue mixed with hints of white, orange, black, and brown variances that makes for such interesting designs in your home landscape or commercial space. The natural minerals swirl together to create an asymmetrical pattern which will make for a one-of-a-kind design.

This slab is made from 100% natural marble, which means that it will last and maintain its finish without the use of any sealants or protective coatings. The Vinta Grey Marble Slab comes with an option to either mount or stand the slab on its own.

Zenith Grey Marble Slab:

Zenith Grey Marble Slab

Zenith Grey Marble Slab is available in different finishes like Honed, Polished and Flamed. It also comes in various sizes. The slabs are made with a high-quality marble that will not scratch or stain easily. All the colors of Zenith Grey Marble Slab come with a natural vein.

Grey Emperador Marble Slab:

Grey Emperador Marble Slab

Grey Emperador Marble Slab beautiful greyish marble has a subtle mix of white, silvery flecks that add interest and depth to the surface. A classic slab suitable for flooring, cladding, feature walls and countertops in residential or commercial application.

Grey Pearl Marble Slab:

Grey Pearl Marble Slab

Grey Pearl Marble Slab is a unique & exclusive marble in the world having two colors on its face. All the 7 natural shades of grey, coffee brown, black and white are beautifully combined to form this magnificent Grey Pearl Marble Slab. It has intricate small lines that have two distinctively different shades of each color which adds an extraordinary look to the product. Grey Pearl Marble Slab has been existing since ages in India and it is mainly used for making temples, statues or idols apart from being used for kitchen countertops, flooring & wall claddings.


Ways Grey Marble Slab:

Ways Grey Marble Slab

Ways Grey Marble Slab is quarried in Italy. With its veined and grey patterned grains, this marble offers a natural appeal. It is available in polished, honed and flamed finishes giving the perfect touch to your walls or floors. It can be used for countertops, vanities, table tops etc.

It is known for Being stronger than limestone due to its high compressive strength. It also has an average resistance to abrasion and a low porosity rate. The rocks are mainly present in the fossilized form and hence have little pores making it unfit for use as flooring material.



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