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Gold Marble Slab

In the world of marble slab finishes there are many different options available to choose from including gold which is a favorite among homeowners who want an elegant look for their property or business. The "gold finish" has been popularized by designers and homeowners alike because of its elegant feel.

What Is a Gold Marble Slab?

Gold Marble Slab

What is a Gold Marble Slab? In the world of surfaces, marble slab is one of those ingredients that can really make a space memorable. The gold finish on this material creates an elegant look and feel that would be perfect for any area in your property where you want to add something special like a fireplace mantel or even as backsplash in a kitchen.

Where Can Gold Marble Slab Be Used?

Gold marble slabs can be used in many different ways, but one of the most popular uses for this material is to make fireplace mantles or even as backsplash in your kitchen. This finish would work great with any color palette and it will not clash with anything else in your room.

Different Finishes Of Our Gold Marble Slab

Our Gold Marble Slabs Available In Two Finishes:


Glossy Gold Marble Slab



High-Gloss Gold Marble Slab

Different Sizes

Our Gold Marble Slab Available In Three Main Sizes:

  1. 800X1600 MM
  2. 1200X1200 MM
  3. 600X1200 MM


Our Gold Marble Slab Product Collection

The Gold Marble Slab collection currently has over 20 different product options available:

Portoro Gold Marble Slab:

Portoro Gold Marble Slab

This is A Portoro Gold Marble Slab with a light, creamy finish. The warm tones of the gold mixed with cream create a beautiful marble slab that is perfect for any design project.

Emperador Gold Marble Slab:

Emperador Gold Marble Slab

The Emperador Gold Marble Slab from the UK is a luxury stone that can be used on floors, walls and interior furniture. It has an antique finish which is created by using in-situ gold leafing techniques.

There are two finishes available: Polished and Antiqued. The polished version will provide you with a bright, shiny finish that is perfect for being used in high traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. The antiqued option will provide a softer touch with more of an aged appearance - this is the ideal choice if you want your home to look vintage or rustic.

Breccia Gold Marble Slab:

Breccia Gold Marble Slab

Breccia Gold Marble Slab is a unique marble with gold veins, giving it a rich and luxurious appearance. Breccia Gold Marble can be used in both high-end residential projects as well as commercial applications like hotels or restaurants. Gold Marble has been prized by many cultures for its beauty, durability, practicality and elegance since the days of the ancient Romans. This slab is a form of marble composed primarily of calcite, with no or few other minerals present in significant quantities.

Alaska Gold Marble Slab:

Alaska Gold Marble Slab

Alaska Gold Marble Slab is made from marble quarried in the United States. It has a unique gold vein that runs throughout the slab, creating contrast and depth for any design. This natural stone comes from all over the country but oftentimes does not have enough of this golden thread running through it to be considered Alaska Gold Marble Slab. Despite the name, this marble can be found in many different states.

Almaty Gold Marble Slab:

Almaty Gold Marble Slab

Almaty Gold Marble Slab is a type of marble. It has beautiful colors and patterns, making it one of the most popular marbles to be used for flooring purposes. Almaty gold marble slabs have natural veins that add depth and interest to the look while also being in high demand from architects around the world who are looking for a marble with a premium look and feel.

Ambrosia Gold Marble Slab:

Ambrosia Gold Marble Slab

Ambrosia Gold Marble Slab has the true golden color of old school Greek and Roman gold leaf which was made from a combination of 24K, 18K, 14K and 12K metals. This marble displays an even tone with subtle variations in luminosity that produce a beautiful shimmering effect when light shines on it. Ambrosia Gold Marble Slab is available in slabs and tiles.

This marble has a luxurious, elegant look that can be wonderfully used for high-end kitchens or bathrooms with lavish fixtures. It can also be cut to size and installed as wall panels or flooring on walls at entrance ways where guests are met by luxury before they enter the home itself. It is a perfect way to add some glamour and luxury to any design.

Bross Gold Marble Slab:

Bross Gold Marble Slab

Bross Gold Marble Slab is a classic example marble slab. It has the look and feel of natural stone, but with the added durability and strength that comes from being man-made. This product can be used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities or even flooring in your home. This product has an excellent resistance to fire and can be used on the floors, walls or ceilings of your home. Bross Gold Marble Slab will not crack or chip, and can withstand the harshest of environments.

Daino Gold Marble Slab:

Daino Gold Marble Slab

A high-quality product Daino Marble Gold Slabs are made of a single slab with an exclusive Daino marble finish. These slabs can be used for flooring, walls or countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms. The tiles come in different finishes such as polished, honed and tumbled which give it many uses so that the homeowner can have versatility in their home. Daino Marble Gold Slabs are an excellent product for homeowners who want a high-quality and luxurious marble tile that is durable, timeless and elegant.

Gold Marroan Marble Slab:

Gold Marroan Marble Slab

Gold Marroan Marble Slab Is a type of Marble Slab that is as it's name implies made from marroan and gold. with Gold Marroan Marble Slabs you will be able to create a luxurious, but yet still minimalistic look for your kitchen. It is available in premium finishes with Dark Stain Effect.

Golden Leaf Marble Slab:

Golden Leaf Marble Slab

Golden Leaf Marble Slab is specially designed for home and office use. It has a unique texture that will surely add a touch of class to your tableware collection. This marble slab can be used in multiple ways such as being the perfect desktop, or coffee table. What makes this marble different from most slabs you find on the market is its ability to be cut into shapes and sizes of your choice.

The marble can also be used for a backsplash in the kitchen, or bathroom with some creativity. The best part about this slab is there are so many beautiful finishes that Golden Leaf Marble slabs offer.

Jewels Gold Marble Slab:

Jewels Gold Marble Slab

Jewels Gold Marble Slab is a beautiful slabs collection that features the best of marble and gold. The perfect blend gives this slab its rich color scheme, while preserving the integrity of each piece’s natural beauty undertones in black veining. It is the perfect product for those who want to give their home a luxurious feel. This marble slab provides an elegant appearance that will make your house look like it belongs in Beverly Hills! This Slabs are made with the highest quality of stones that have been quarried for centuries and hand cut in Italy.

Marfil Gold Marble Slab:

Marfil Gold Marble Slab

Marfil Gold Marble Slab is a type of marble stone. It has flecks of gold and black mixed into it, which creates an opulent feel. It is a luxury marble slab which is quarried in Brazil and then shipped to the US for fabrication. This material can be used as flooring, wall cladding or furniture design elements. Marfil Gold Marble Slabs are available in different finishes including polished (smooth), honed (smooth), flamed, brushed and bush-hammered.

Medrid Gold Marble Slab:

Medrid Gold Marble Slab

Medrid Gold Marble Slabs are one of the most popular marble slabs in the world. It is a part of Medrid's wide range of marble slabs. It has great natural colors and uniformity, making it unique. These qualities are used to produce the highest quality stone countertops in the market today. The best thing about these marble slabs is that they don't need any sealant or treatment to maintain their natural beauty for years.

Pulse Gold Marble Slab:

Pulse Gold Marble Slab

Pulse Gold Marble Slab is a warm and inviting ceramic tile that reflects the light in so many different ways. This gorgeous, sparkly gold marble slab floor will add warmth to your space as well as make it feel more luxurious. The natural sheen of this beautiful material provides depth and dimension for dramatic effect without being overbearing or gaudy.  This type of marble can easily be used for residential purposes, and it is usually found in kitchens or bathrooms.

Roza Gold Marble Slab:

Roza Gold Marble Slab

Roza Gold Marble Slab is a top quality slab that’s perfect for interior and exterior applications. This natural stone has an elegant pattern with gold undertones, which makes it the most popular marble in the world. This product has made the list of 20 most expensive slabs in India.

Swiss Gold Marble Slab:

Swiss Gold Marble Slab

Swiss Gold Marble Slabs is a natural stone product that has been quarried in the central part of Switzerland and cut into slabs. These are then polished to produce an elegant, durable surface to use on any type of flooring installation.

Travertine Gold Marble Slab:

Travertine Gold Marble Slab

Travertine Gold Marble Slab is a type of marble slab that has the look and feel of natural limestone with all the beauty, durability, warmth and appeal. It features an eclectic pattern of gold veins complemented by cool whites to create a timeless masterpiece for any project. Travertine Gold Marble Slab can be used as flooring, wall cladding, fireplace mantels or any other interior design project.

Williams Gold Marble Slab:

Williams Gold Marble Slab

Williams Gold Marble Slab is a natural marble tile that has been quarried and cut in the United States. It's good quality at an affordable price. Williams Gold Marble Slabs can be used on walls or floors of any type of application. Our marble slabs are designed to be easy to install.

Calacatta Gold Marble Slab:

Calacatta Gold Marble Slab

The Calacatta Gold Marble Slab is a beautiful, high-quality marble tile with a gold vein running through it. This stone has been hand-selected for its rich golden tone and color that make it perfect for use as an accent or secondary material in any space you desire to add some luxury. It is one of the most popular types of Marble Slab.

Travertino Gold Marble Slab:

Travertino Gold Marble Slab

Travertino Gold is a rich, warm gold color that has an exclusive golden veining which gives it the appearance of gold leaf when polished to perfection and sealed with a water-based sealant or wax. Travertino Gold marble slabs can be used in flooring, exterior cladding, facades and features as the golden veining really stands out


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