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Dyna Marble Slab

What Is a Dyna Marble Slab?

Dyna Marble Slab

Dyna marbles slab is a premium variant of high quality marble. Dyna Marble Slab is a type of natural stone that's quarried in a distinctive way. The blocks are cut by hand, not sawed or milled. Pits and pits appear on the surface because they're carved out manually using knives; it can take hours to produce just one slab! Dynaa Marble was carefully selected for its natural  beauty and lack of imperfectionsions. The stone is also very dense, making it a durable material that's perfect for countertops, showers or any other surface.

Where Can You Use Dyna Marble Slab?

It can be installed in any room of the home or office and provides an elegant look to every space it graces. Dyna Marble Slab has so many uses that your imagination will run wild with ideas like:


Dyna Marble Slab In Kitchen

Dyna Marble Slab is perfect for kitchen countertops, backsplashes as well as flooring. Whether you are looking to modernize your kitchen or introduce some elegance into the space, Dyna Marble Slabs has a number of surface finishes that will fit any style preference.

Kitchen islands:

Dyna Marble Slab On Kitchen Island

If you're in need of an additional work space for a large kitchen or just want to give your home chef the perfect place to prepare food in style, Dyna Marble Slab can be incorporated into an island with ease.


Dyna Marble Slab In Bathroom

Believe it or not, the bathroom is one of the most popular places for a Dyna Marble Slab to go. With so many styles and finishes available you can find something that fits your unique style preferences.

In addition to being beautiful and durable, we offer a number of finishes that will stand up well against water exposure so it's a great option for bathroom counters.

Fireplace Surrounds:

Dyna Marble Slab On Fireplace Surrounds

Whether you're looking to put a new twist on the traditional stone fireplace or want something with more modern appeal, Dyna Marble Slab can be cut and trimmed into any shape without sacrificing quality or durability.


Dyna Marble Slab In Bedroom

If you're looking for an elegant addition to your bedroom but don't want anything too ostentatious, Dyna Marble Slab nightstands are the perfect option.

In addition to standing up well against water absorption and abrasion, we offer a number of finishes that will work in any style space from traditional to contemporary.

Laundry Room:

Dyna Marble Slab In Laundry Room

If you're looking for an attractive and durable surface to put your laundry on, Dyna Marble Slab is the perfect addition. With a number of finishes that are available in large slabs it's easy to find something that matches well with any existing decorating style.

Outdoor Patio:

Dyna Marble Slab On Outdoor Patio

Decorative Stone For those DIY enthusiasts out there, Dyna Marble Slab is perfect for creating decorative stone flooring that can be used to create a cohesive look on your patio.


Dyna Marble Slab In Office

If your office is looking a little drab or you're just in the market for something with more class, Dyna Marble Slabs can provide an elegant and durable surfaces that will give any space instant appeal.

Dyna Marble Slab comes in numerous sizes so it's easy to find one that fits well within your budget.


Dyna Marble Slab On Sink

Dyna Marble Slab is perfect for your kitchen sink or bathroom vanity top. Check out our wide selection of finishes that will fit any style preference and provide the durability required in these high traffic areas.


Dyna Marble Slab Bathtub

If you're looking to update your old bathtub without spending a fortune, Dyna Marble Slab is an affordable option that will provide a timeless and elegant touch to your bathroom.


Dyna Marble Slab On Kitchen Countertop

If you're looking for countertop options with more functionality, Dyna Marble Slab has the right solution for you too! Check out our selection of inserts or cutting boards so you can have all sorts of surfaces at your fingertips from breakfast to dinner.

Dorm Rooms:

Dyna Marble Slab In Dorm Room

Bathrooms or kitchen countertops. With so many options for installation Dyna Marble Slab provides an elegant look without all the work of expensive stone veneers


Dyna Marble Slab In Entryway

If your entryway is in need of an update, Dyna Marble Slab can be a perfect solution. With so many different finishes available we're sure to have something that will complement any existing decorating style.

Living Room:

Dyna Marble Slab In Living Room

Dyna Marble Slab is perfect for your living room fireplace or coffee table. With so many style options available you can find a finish that will compliment any existing decorating styles already in the space.

Dyna Marble Slab has infinite possibilities and is sure to be that final touch your home needs. It will blend in perfectly with any décor you choose so the possibilities are endless!

Advantages Of Dyna Marble Slab:

  • Dyna Marble Slab is one of the most popular types of stone for flooring, as well as a versatile material. The natural beauty and durability make Dyna Marble Stone perfect for both residential and commercial applications. It's an excellent choice for high-traffic areas such as hallways, lobbies, or kitchens because it can stand up to a lot of abuse.
  • The stone is also scratch-resistant and does not need much maintenance other than periodic refreshing, so it's easy for homeowners or renters looking for an affordable option with few upkeep requirements. It can be easily cleaned by sweeping, mopping or vacuuming - no harsh chemicals are ever required!
  • The stone is also stain-resistant, and can be installed in any of the following finishes: honed, chiseled, brushed or tumbled. It's available in a variety of colors - from natural to black marble - so you'll have no problem finding what best suits your decorating style!

Available Finishes Of Dyna Marble Slab

We offer our dyna marble slab in following finishes:


Glossy Dyna Marble Slab

This is a new finish that we have added to our product line in the last few months. It's not your typical marble, and it's beautiful glossy sheen will add an interesting level of depth to any space you decide to use it in.


Rustic Dyna Marble Slab

This is a popular finish for those that want their stone to look authentic and rugged with lots of natural variations as well as cracks, pits and other unique markings.


Natural Dyna Marble Slab

This finish is the most natural of them all. The stone has a beautiful, authentic look and feel to it that will make your home or office space warm and inviting.

Available Sizes Of Our Dyna Marble Slab:

We offer our dyna marble slab in following finishes:

  1. 600 x 1200 MM
  2. 800 x 1600 MM
  3. 800 x 1800 MM
  4. 1200 x 1200 MM

Dyna Marble Slab Product Collection:

We have a wide range of dyna marble slab designs or products to choose from and you can explore the products below:

Dyna Beige Marble Slab:

Dyna Beige Marble Slab

Dyna Beige Marble Slab is a stunning marble slab and we have the perfect design for your home. These dyna beige marble slabs are designed to add elegance to homes or commercial spaces that want an updated look. The Dyna Beige Marble Slab comes in various sizes like 600 x 1200 MM, 800 x 1600 MM, etc. The Dyna Beige Marble Slab is available in different finishes.

Dyna Light Grey Marble Slab:

Dyna Light Grey Marble Slab

The natural beauty of our Dyna Light Grey Marble Slab complements any décor style. This slab is perfect for kitchen backsplashes, fireplaces and bathroom vanities with its wide range of finishes including honed, brushed or polished. Made from 100% real marble this product provides the durability needed in a high traffic area such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Dyna Classic Marble Slab:

Dyna Classic Marble Slab

Dyna Marble Slab’s Dyna Classic marble slab is a versatile, affordable option for both residential and commercial installations. This beautiful material features beige or white natural veining on top of a light grey background to create an elegant design that can match any décor.

Dyna Collin Marble Slab:

Dyna Collin Marble Slab

Dyna Collin Marble Slab is a form of marble that has been honed into thin, translucent pieces. The thickness of these slabs ranges from ¼ to ½ inch and the width can be up to 60 inches. Dyna Collin Marble Slab comes in various finishes like polished white, black or antique gold as well as various different sizes, and can be used for counters in any kitchen. Dyna Collin Marble Slab is an ideal material to have installed wherever counter space is at a premium but still want a marble or granite look. This would include areas such as: the backsplash in a kitchen, bathroom counters or the interior of your fireplace.

Dyna Delicate Marble Slab:

Dyna Delicate Marble Slab

Dyna Delicate Marble Slab is available in an array of different colors and textures, including a dazzling lightly veined marble. The slab tile set features dimensional detail, which lends it to architectural applications both inside and out.

Dyna Delicate Marble Slab is a slab tile, meaning that it is usually turned on its side to create surfaces for countertops or other design elements. However, this type of marble can also be used as flooring if sealed properly and installed with an underlayment appropriate for the installation area.

Dyna Delight Marble Slab:

Dyna Delight Marble Slab

Dyna Delight Marble Slab is the perfect balance of beauty and function. With its contemporary, geometric patterns on a crisp white background it creates an elegant look that perfectly complements any style kitchen or bathroom environment. Offering many different sizes for both slab height and thickness, Dyna Delight Marble Slab offers a variety of design possibilities for any project. The versatility and many finishing options available with this slab allow you to create the look that best suits your style. It is also offered in color variations. each one bringing its own unique beauty to the surface.

Dyna Elite Marble Slab:

Dyna Elite Marble Slab

Dyna Elite Marble Slab is a surface that uses four different types of marble to create a smooth and elegant finish. The surface is available in different color options, including White, Gray, Dark Brown Teakwood with Black Veining (shown), Warm Beige Sandstone with Yellow Veining, Rose Red Birch Tree with Pink Veining, and Olive Leaf Birch Tree with Green Veining. The surface is available in a range of finishes, including polished, honed, or brushed.

Dyna Honey Marble Slab:

Dyna Honey Marble Slab

Dyna Honey Marble Slab is a new and innovative slab. It brings together the aesthetic beauty of marble with the durability of engineered stone to create an incredibly beautiful surface that will stand up to just about anything. The variety of finishes offered, from flat natural through Dark Walnut stain are suitable for both residential homes as well commercial projects. Dyna Honey Marble Slab is the perfect choice for all your architectural needs.

Dyna Marino Marble Slab:

Dyna Marino Marble Slab

Dyna Marino Marble Slab is a luxurious stone flooring option that has all of the advantages of marble but none of the disadvantages. It can be used in any setting, from new construction to renovations or as a decorative surface for floors and walls. Dyna Mariner Marble Slab features sub-zero processing with an ultra high polish finish, and its light weight makes it easier to install.

Dyna Mariner Marble Slab is the perfect solution for those who want a high-quality, durable stone flooring option without any of the drawbacks that are common in natural stones. The ultra high polish finish provides an elegant look, while still being extremely resistant to scratch marks. That means that you won't have to worry about your flooring looking old and worn prematurely.

Dyna Marino Marble Slab is ideal for many residential applications, including living rooms or bedrooms where high-quality floors are desired but a natural stone may not be the best option due to allergies. Dyna Mariner Marble Slab can also be used for commercial applications such as offices, hotels and restaurants.

Dyna Moonlite Marble Slab:

Dyna Moonlite Marble Slab

Dyna Moonlite is not a typical black marble. It has an exceptional sheen to it and can be used as an alternative for black granite slabs or quartz countertops with its unique, polished finish that will give your kitchen the look of high-quality Italian ceramics at lower cost. The natural beauty of Dyna Moonlite is complimented by the many different finishes that are available: polished, honed, brushed and bush hammered.

Dyna Moonlite has a thickness of approximately 12 mm and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms or any other interior environment where black marble would make an appropriate statement. The material is highly durable so it can withstand the most demanding environments such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Dyna Moonlite is a little more expensive than other types of marble slabs but its polished finish and natural beauty make it an excellent choice for those who want that custom Italian look at lower cost.

Dyna Mosh Marble Slab:

Dyna Mosh Marble Slab

Dyna Mosh Marble Slab is a durable and long-lasting product. It has low water absorption levels, which means less drying time for customers. This type of marble slab can be used in various applications such as countertops, shower floors, backsplashes, etc. The material offers many color options. Dyna Mosh Marble Slabs are available in a variety of sizes.

Dyna Pearl Marble Slab:

Dyna Pearl Marble Slab

Dyna Pearl Marble Slabs are made of natural marble and have a pearl white finish. This is a beautiful slab with subtle shades of off-white that will adapt to any style or design you want in your home. It comes in three sizes which can accommodate the design needs for any room size space. You can also use it as an accent piece. Dyna Pearl Marble Slabs are available for a variety of uses, such as kitchen countertops or bathroom floors. This slab has a pearl white finish with subtle off-white shades that will adapt to any style or design you want in your home.

Dyna Pista Marble Slab:

Dyna Pista Marble Slab

The Dyna Pista marble slab brings beauty to your home or office with its unique ancient fossilized stone veins that make it look like an antique Italian masterpiece from centuries ago. With high quality colors and textures you can create the perfect wall in just about any room. Dyna Pista marble slab is also unbelievably durable, with a hardness score of 14 on the Mohs scale!

Dyna Sunlite Marble Slab:

Dyna Sunlite Marble Slab

The Dyna Sunlite Marble Slab is an exotic material from the most beautiful parts of Italy. The marble provides high insulation and has a unique design that makes it perfect for both residential and commercial use. It's available in sizes such as 1200x1200mm or 600x600mm, so you are sure to find one that will fit your needs.

Dyna Walnut Marble Slab:

Dyna Walnut Marble Slab

Dyna Walnut Marble Slab has natural walnut veins that have been sealed to be more durable, but they are still visible and add character. The beautiful brown tones make this slab perfect for the rustic/modern feel alike - making it an excellent choice for your next kitchen or bathroom remodel!

Imperial Dyna Marble Slab:

Imperial Dyna Marble Slab

Imperial Dyna Marble Slab is an affordable natural stone that can be used for a variety of applications. Imperial also offers many different finishes to match your design plan, such as polished or honed surfaces. With options like this, you have the flexibility to enjoy all the benefits of marble without breaking the bank! This material will make any room shine with sophistication and elegance.


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