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Crema Marble Tiles: Everything You Need To Know

What Is Crema Marble Tile?

Crema Marble Tiles

Crema Marble Tile is a beautiful natural stone tile that has been quarried in Carrara, Italy, and used to create one-of-a-kind art installations around the world. It can be found almost everywhere because it has so many different uses for construction, design projects, and art installations among other things.

Crema marble tile, also known as "Crema Marfil Tile", has a rich ivory and cream coloration with white veins in the stone that create an elegant pattern of light and dark tones on its surface.

It offers a classic traditional look and feel and it can be used for both interior design as well as exterior cladding projects.

Where Can You Use Crema Marble Tiles?

Crema Marble Tile is one of the most popular and widely used natural stones in the world. It can be found almost everywhere because it has so many different uses for construction, design projects, and art installations among other things. Below are some places where you can use these tiles:

Wall cladding:

Crema Marble Tiles On Wall

Crema Marble Tile is the perfect choice for any wall cladding project. Its low maintenance properties are also a great advantage as you won't have to worry about anything getting too dirty or scratched up after installation. it has natural beauty and durability,


Crema Marble Tiles On Kitchen Countertop

Crema Marble Tile has become one of the most popular countertop materials because of its many different finishes. It's a versatile solution for any kitchen design project that you're working on.


Crema Marble Tiles On Flooring

Crema Marble Tile is one of the most popular types of flooring materials in Europe and Asia, which means it has been tried and tested by many people over time so that now we know it's durable enough for any type of environment.

Decoration for exterior:

Crema Marble Tiles On Exterior Wall

If you're planning on installing Crema Marble Tile for exterior decoration, then make sure to combine it with another type of stone tile that is more durable.

Decoration for interior:

Crema Marble Tiles On Interior Wall And Flooring

It's not just a great alternative for flooring and countertops - Crema Marble Tile can also be used as an accent in any room or hallway. Add a little bit of natural beauty to a space with This Tiles.

Outdoor Backsplashes:

crema marble tiles on outdoor backsplash

Crema Marble Tile is a perfect solution for when you're planning to install an outdoor backsplash. It will look great no matter where it's placed, and it won't be damaged by rain or any other type of weathering as long as the installation was done correctly.

Living Room:

Crema Marble Tiles In Living Room

If you're going for a natural, rustic design style in your living room or another type of space then Crema Marble Tile is the perfect choice.

Pool Deck:

Crema Marble Tiles On Pool Deck

You can use Crema Marble Tiles to cover an entire pool deck! When used as flooring, it will provide a durable surface that won't crack when walked on.

Kitchen Backsplash:

Crema Marble Tiles On Kitchen Backsplash

Crema Marble Tile is a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes because of its versatility and how easy it is to maintain. You can avoid food or water stains as long as you wipe down the surface regularly.

Who Can Use Crema Marble Tiles?

Crema Marble Tiles can be used by everyone, from the homeowner to commercial property developers. It is a perfect choice for homeowners looking for an upscale finish in their kitchen or fireplace. For builders of new construction homes and building contractors working on luxury residential projects, These tiles flooring will give your project that elite, high-end look.

Different Finishes Of Crema Marble Tiles

Crema Marble Tile comes with a variety of finishes. It is typically finished to look like Carrara, which is made up of gray and white gneiss stones that are polished to have an elegant sheen. Other popular finish options are Below:


Glossy Crema Marble Tile

Crema Marble Tiles has an elegant and shiny finish that reflects light beautifully. It is available in following sizes: a 1200 x 1200 MM, 800x1600MM And 800 x 1800 MM slab.


Wood Look Crema Marble Tile

The wood finish crema marble tile is made by spraying the slab with a clear lacquer, which gives it an easy to maintain and natural look.


Satin Crema Marble Tile

Satin finish crema marble tile is made by applying a layer of wax and then rubbing the surface until it becomes dull, giving it an elegant sheen. 


Rustic Crema Marble Tile

Rustic finish crema marble tile is made by applying a layer of wax and then rubbing the surface until it becomes shiny, giving it an elegant sheen.


Bookmatch Crema Marble Tile

Bookmatch finish crema marble tile is made by cutting and placing two pieces of the tile back to back, with a seam running down the center. 

Different Sizes Of Crema Marble Tiles

Crema marble tiles are available in main 4 sizes:

  1. 1200X1200 MM
  2. 600X1200 MM
  3. 800X1600 MM
  4. 800X1800 MM

Different Types Of Crema Marble Tiles Design Collection:

Crema marble tiles are available in a wide range of designs. Below you can explore our product collection and find the best well-suited design for your project and also get details about every product or design:

Alder Crema:

Alder Crema Marble Tile

Alder Crema Marble Tile has a light beige background with white veins of marble. Suitable for interior and exterior applications such as floors, countertops, walls, etc.

Armano Crema:

Armano Crema Marble Tile

Armano Crema Marble Tile is a subtle mix of grey and brown with hints of red. It can be used for kitchens, bathrooms or any other interior design project that requires an elegant touch without being too overpowering.

Breccia Crema:

Breccia Crema Marble Tile

Breccia Crema Marble Tile has the natural look of Breccia with all its inherent irregularities. It offers an extensive array of colours and patterns in both honed and polished finish to suit any application or project.

Bronzetto Crema:

Bronzetto Crema Marble Tile

Bronzetto Crema Marble Tile has a light, glassy appearance with gentle veins of brownstones running through it to give the product depth and unique character. This tile can be used in applications such as commercial flooring, residential wall cladding, countertops, backsplashes, and much more! It is a beautiful addition to any space.

Corsica Crema:

Corsica Crema Marble Tile

Corsica Crema Marble Tile is a high-quality product which has the best qualities of marble, such as durability and resistance to temperature changes. It also exhibits an exceptionally good gloss level with a very fine grain structure. This tile can be used for both internal and external applications in projects like countertops, flooring or wall cladding.

Crema Natural:

Crema Natural Marble Tile

Crema Natural Marble Tile is a natural and authentic material that has been used for centuries to create beautiful facades, floors, and countertops. The classic beauty of this surface hides its durability from wear and tear with ease. Natural variations in color, texture or vein provide an elegant touch to each piece's unique personality and the beauty of nature.

Desert Botticino Crema:

Desert Botticino Crema Marble Tile

Desert Botticino Crema Marble Tile is most popular for kitchens and bathrooms. The finish on this tile offers natural stone color with few veins to provide a sleek look that is perfect for any space in your home or office. This product can be used in residential interiors, commercial spaces, and even for exterior use.

Empro Crema:

Empro Crema Marble Tile

Empro Crema Marble Tile offers an elegant design with its thin cut-out patterns. This type of tile can be used in interior flooring or exterior cladding applications to offer a beautiful appeal.

This is flexible and can be used in multiple applications, both indoors and outdoors. It's available as thin tiles that are designed to be cut into smaller pieces for installation or set your own dimensions with the help of our experts.

Endilo Crema:

Endilo Crema Marble Tile

Endilo Crema Marble Tile is sourced from a quarry in the south of Italy. The tile consists of 90% marble and has natural veins, which lend to its distinctive appearance. These tiles are extremely heavy, but also resistant to thermal shocks and have an excellent coefficient of friction. For this reason it's often used for kitchen benchtops and in high-traffic commercial areas.

Galactic Crema:

Galactic Crema Marble Tile

Galactic Crema Marble Tile is our first tile to utilize an exclusive marble piecing process that provides a more refined look. This technique yields larger pieces of tile inclusions, and these are used as the background color for this innovative finish. It creates a beautiful contrast between light and dark tones which depict textures found within natural stone surfaces.

It is available in a variety of sizes. We also offer this in various finishes . This option provides a more polished look that can be ideal for certain installations where aesthetics are paramount.

Keronix Crema:

Keronix Crema Marble Tile

Keronix Crema Marble Tile is a premium, high-quality tile product. It has many uses and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms or living spaces. The finishes of the tile are elegant and distinctive with colors that range from warm taupe to cool gray tones. It can be used on the wall as a backsplash in your kitchen, or even as an accent piece near other Keronix products.

Kinder Crema:

Kinder Crema Marble Tile

Kinder Crema Marble Tile has been cut and polished to reveal the natural beauty hidden inside. This product can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, or any other space with an area that needs to look fresh and clean. They are available in different finishes ranging from honed to high gloss.

Latina Crema:

Latina Crema Marble Tile

Latina Crema Marble Tile is made of the finest white and dark limestone in a natural quarry from Kansas. It's then cut, polished, and packaged. It has excellent resistance to high humidity environments such as kitchens or bathrooms while being heavy enough that it doesn't break when dropped on the floor.

It is available in a wide range of sizes, and as well as many different finishes. It also offers designer lines that give you an affordable way to enjoy high-end look without the high-end price.

Marfil Crema:

Marfil Crema Marble Tile

Marfil Crema Marble Tile is a limestone tile product that can be used in baths, kitchen surfaces and any place where you would like the natural shine of stone. It has been hand-crafted with painstaking care to show off its beauty and varied colors. A finely honed finish ensures it will stay looking good for many years.

It can be used in kitchens, foyers and bathrooms for a striking look or as the focal point of your design scheme. The countertops are available with optional backsplashes that match the stone to seamlessly create an inviting atmosphere.

Monzy Crema:

Monzy Crema Marble Tile

Monzy Crema Marble Tile is an Italian tile that offers a number of versatile surface finishes. It can be used for interior design projects such as: flooring, kitchen countertops, vanity tops, furniture and more. It has a medium to high opacity and offers a polished, honed or brushed finish. The product is available in tiles and slabs of different dimensions.

Mosaic Crema:

Mosaic Crema Marble Tile

Mosaic Crema Marble Tile has been polished and honed to create a smooth surface. It's also known as Carrara Smooth, because it comes from Italy’s famous region of Carrara. This tile features both light- and dark-colored flecks, as well as striations.

These tiles are a popular choice for high end kitchens and bathrooms because of their durability and easy maintenance. They're also used in countertops, fireplace facings, vanities, and other interior and exterior applications.

Plast Crema:

Plast Crema Marble Tile

The marble in the Plast Crema Marble Tile is a white, with colors leaning towards browns and blacks. The color variation of this type makes it an easy stone to work with when designing your space. With its large tiles, you can cover more surface area than other types of marble without worrying about seams or joints showing through.

Stark Crema:

Stark Crema Marble Tile

Stark Crema Marble Tile is a natural, unpolished marble tile that has been hand-selected by our designers. It's clean and crisp with subtle veining for an elegant feel. Whether it’s the perfect place to set your morning coffee or you want Stark as the backdrop of your artwork, this versatile tile offers a clean, simple design that can be used in a variety of ways.

Travertino Crema:

Travertino Crema Marble Tile

Travertino Crema Marble Tile has rich earthy colors with an elegant feel to it. They are available in various finishes ranging from polished to honed. This product can be used for flooring purposes as well as for its aesthetic value.

Trex Crema:

Trex Crema Marble Tile

Trex Crema Marble Tile is manufactured in Italy from natural marble. It's elegant and distinctive, with a sleek finish that will complement any design style of kitchen and bath remodel or new home construction project - especially those seeking a classic look. These tile features three distinct finishes for the perfect amount of shine: Polished, Tumbled, and Rustic. It's white background presents the natural color and texture of the stone to create a beautiful natural look.


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