Ceramic Tiles Supplier in UAE
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Ceramic Tiles Supplier in UAE

UAE has been one of the most significant benefactors of high-quality ceramic tile. Their skyscrapers and ever-developing infrastructure have always demanded the best ceramic tiles. They have only promoted the best from around the world and India has been one of the leading producers and exporters capable of meeting the Tiles requirements of this prestigious Middle Eastern country. 

Rollza Granito has been a leading ceramic tiles supplier in Dubai and has been instrumental in taking India ties with UAE to strengthen through their profession and quality business with UAE. The manufacturers in the Indian market are constantly developing due to the ever-evolving needs of clients and consumers in the UAE.

Ceramic Tiles Supplier

Rollza Granito has been able to please the market in UAE because of their constant attention to the exporting method and their research into future project requirements. Focusing on increasing hassle-free and on-time distribution, as well as necessary and appropriate inspection at every stage of the packaging, UAE has ensured, through its tough standards, that the ceramic tiles manufacturers are always on the lookout for the best possible innovations.

They are renowned as a leading ceramic tiles supplier in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for their reliable quality and after-sales services. As a supplier, they have always shown great knowledge about the requisite process for hassle-free delivery and damage-free consignments.

As a manufacturer, they boast a huge manufacturing facility and believe in constantly introducing innovative tile design to fit the most contemporary international trends and to fulfill the needs for their high-quality tiles. As a ceramic tiles producer, the company aims for perfection and creativity, and as a consequence, they have been able to create and provide the best ceramic tiles that have considerably contributed to their broad and world-class product range.

Its goal is to manufacture and supply the most diversified assortment of tiles, long-lasting and durable finishing, and cutting-edge patterns. The tile has not only been confirmed and approved by each of the standard laying agencies in India and the global market.

Why Does UAE Trust Rollza Granito?

Their tile’s sheer adaptability has put them distinct at every stage of their thriving organization. Thriving may be an underestimate since Rollza Granito has elegance, and our continuous devotion to excellence has placed them at the forefront among tile suppliers in UAE. 

The firm strives for superiority and innovation, and as a result, we have been able to produce and provide the greatest Ceramic, Porcelain, Full-Body, Soluble Floor Tiles & Wall Tiles, and Sanitary Ware goods, which have added significantly to its extensive and world-class product line. Naturally, these principles have helped them become a well-known global supplier of Tiles and a leading ceramic tiles supplier in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Their ceramic tiles have undergone a strenuous and thorough production process, ensuring the highest in class quality for Moisture Absorption that is as per ISO Defined standards, as well as Frost resistant features, Resistance to Thermal Shock, No expansion under moisture, Fire Resistant, The most beautiful Aesthetics followed by Patterns and designs that are available in a range of styles.

Rollza has left no stone unturned in its transformation for a more utilitarian and millennial lifestyle, delivering ultimate excellence in the form of the greatest technology and inventive designs, and hence has made a strong and unrivaled presence in the UAE market.


For any inquiry, you can reach us out at info@rollza.in / +91 99790 55557


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