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Black Marble Slab

Black Marble Slab:

The black marble slabs are quarried in India and it has a dark color variation, which makes this type of marble slab perfect for creating an atmosphere that is somber and elegant. This type of stone can be used to create dramatic accents or as a subtle accent. There are many different options in black marble like below:

Galaxy Black Marble Slab:

Galaxy Black Marble Slab

Galaxy Black Marble Slab is one of the most luxurious and exotic marble slabs available. It has black veins running through its dark grey body, giving it a beautiful contrast between light and shade. The natural hues present on the slab are obtained from minerals found in the mountain ranges that create this unique stone. Just like any marble, it is a non-porous stone that can be easily cleaned with water and soft cloth.

A Galaxy Black Marble Slab will last for centuries in any application. This includes kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, flooring or even as an accent on the exterior of your home. It’s also one of the most beautiful types of marble available, which may add value to your home.

Black Diamond Marble Slab:

Black Diamond Marble Slab

Black diamond marble slab is a type of marble that has the appearance as being jet-black. It's been stained by manganese, which gives it its characteristic coloration. This particular color might not be suitable for all types of rooms and elements in your home decorating project. Generally speaking, this dark variety is recommended only when a contrasting color is desired.

Black diamond marble slabs are often used in more traditional settings, because they offer a dramatic addition to any type of environment that might not have been available before with other types of marbles. This black variety will never go out of style and it's bound to please those who prefer the darker look for their homes.

Black Silk Marble:

Black Silk Marble Slab

Black Silk Marble is a unique marble that has an interesting story behind it. It was first discovered in 1980 by the Wolgan River near Sydney, Australia and named for its deep black appearance with hints of gray and purple - often likened to liquid silk. The material is now quarried from several locations around the world including India, Brazil, China, and Italy.

Silk Marble: 

Silk marble is the best types of Marble Slab. The Silk type gives a gentle appearance due to its smooth surface and soft colors that are obtained from minerals such as iron, manganese, lead or zinc.

The smooth and delicate Silk Marble is a desirable choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks, shower stalls or any application where the natural beauty of marble will be on display.

Imperial Black Marble Slab:

Imperial Black Marble Slab

Imperial Black marble slab is the most popular choice for both commercial and residential projects. The deep black color of this stone gives a sense of elegance without being too stark, with softer edges than genuine black granite.

Apollo Black Marble Slab: 

Apollo Black Marble Slab

Apollo Black Marble Slab comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large. They are available for purchase from multiple retailers. It is made of a high quality black marble that has been quarried extensively around the world since early times as an excellent building material with a natural look to it. The stone was used in the construction of various structures, including churches and mosques.

This marble slab is an excellent base for countertops because it provides a rich black tone that can be combined with any color to create unique designs.

Black Martin Marble Slab: 

Black Martin Marble Slab

Black Martin is a high-quality marble with black and gray streaks that give it an attractive appearance.

This slab will be pre-polished, which means the surface of this slab will be smooth and shiny when you get it. This type of finish has been popular for some time now because not only does it look great but also ensures easy maintenance.

Bloster Black Marble:

Bloster Black Marble Slab

If you are looking for a black marble slab, Bloster Black Marble is your best choice. Made from the finest natural materials and using advanced technology, this marble has an amazing look that will make any design stand out. It has a very dense quality so it can be used in high traffic areas without fear of wear or breakdowns. The black marble slab is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as entryways or any other place you want to create an elegant ambiance.

Bross Black Marble Slab:

Bross Black Marble Slab

Bross black marble slab is a type of stone that has been quarried in Brazil for centuries. It was originally used to make floors and countertops but because it's such an attractive material, people have started using Bross Black Marble Slab as wall tile more often than not. The color can vary from dark black to light gray (sometimes with a green or yellow hue) and it is characterized by many tiny brownish-gray swirls that form intricate patterns across the surface.

Caracus Black Marble Slab:

Caracus Black Marble Slab

Caracus Black Marble Slab is a popular natural stone that will add depth and style to any surface. This dark marble slab has an almost black color which makes it perfect for kitchens with darker colors or as the basis of a monochrome kitchen design.

The Caracus black marble slabs are produced by linking together layers of different black marble quarries, then cutting and polishing to create a natural stone slab.

Caracus Black Marble Slab can be used for countertops or as an attractive flooring material in any type of home design. This dark marbled look is perfect for almost any color scheme you might have at your residence.

Classic Black Marble:

Classic Black Marble Slab

Classic black marble slab is a rich-looking color that will never fail to impress. Black marbles can be used in every room of your home, including the bathroom and kitchen for an elegant touch. This type of marble has a waxy surface that offers resistance from scratches or burns, making it ideal for use as countertops. It also is a good choice for use in swimming pools.

A classic black marble slab can come with an array of finishes, such as polished or honed (smooth). By choosing one of these styles, the starkness and severity of this color will be softened. The type of surface chosen also affects how luxurious it looks-polished surfaces are more expensive, but also offer an unbeatable shine.

Claster Black Marble Slab:  

Claster Black Marble Slab

Claster black marble slab is one of the most sought after types of countertop material. Clasters Black Marble Slab are hand-polished and honed, which gives these slabs a high gloss finish with natural variations. With proper care, clasters black marble slabs can last for decades without needing any maintenance.

Clonic Black Marble Slab:

Clonic Black Marble Slab

Clonic black marble slabs are the most popular type of slab on the market. They have a polished finish, and their color ranges from ivory to dark brown with varied veining patterns in between. These slabs look great when used as paving stones for an outdoor patio or pathway leading up to your front door!

French Black Marble Slab: 

French Black Marble Slab

French black marble is also known as Nero Marquina, this type of Marble Slab has a dark and glossy finish and can be polished to a high sheen. French Black Marble can be used in flooring, countertops, wall tiles or interior design projects.

Glam Black Marble Slab:

Glam Black Marble Slab

If you are looking for a statement piece, this is it. It has an elegant and luxurious appearance to add the perfect touch of glamour into any space. Glam Black Marble slab is available in 24" x 12", 18"x12", or 12”x24". This marble slab comes with two different finishes: polished, and white.

Havana Black Marble Slab:

Havana Black Marble Slab

Havana Black Marble Slab is a dark black marble that emanates earthy tones. The color of this slab lends itself to be used in the kitchen or for any other space where you want to evoke feelings of comfort and stability.

Kinder Black Marble Slab: 

Kinder Black Marble Slab

Kinder Black Marble Slab is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is excellent for any kitchen counter top, bathroom vanity or wet bar area. It can also be used in flooring applications, wall cladding and more!

Lakme Black Marble Slab:

Lakme Black Marble Slab

Lakme Black Marble Slab is a dark black marble slab with an attractive sheen. The slabs are in different sizes and can be used for interior applications or exterior installations. Lakme Black Marble Slabs are available through Avispa Stone, the only authorized distributor of this product.

Lentra Black Marble Slab:

Lentra Black Marble Slab

Lentra Black Marble Slab is a dark, glossy black marble slab that has matte and deep blacks with an occasional peachy pink dot. It's perfect for pairing with the jagged edges of other slabs or giving contrast to more traditional pieces in your home. Lentra Black Marble Slab comes from Turkey and was hand-cut from 100% authentic, natural marble.

Leopord Black Marble Slab:

Leopord Black Marble Slab

leopard black marble slab is a natural stone that has been quarried in India. It exhibits an almost identical pattern to the onyx which comes from Morocco, but it’s not nearly as dark or glossy and may have some white veining within its surface. However, this variety of marble can be found throughout Europe also and it is often used as a countertop material.

Livanto Black Marble Slab:

Livanto Black Marble Slab

Livanto marble slabs available in the black color is a premium option for customers looking to add an element of sophistication and elegance. The black version is composed of 98% natural Carrara Marble, which gives it its rich appearance and durability. It can be used as a countertop or flooring material with various grades depending on your customization.

Mozeco Black Marble:

Mozeco Black Marble Slab

This marble is dark black and full of character. It has a variety of colors, such as charcoal-black marbling with hints of reds, oranges and yellows. Mozeco Black Marble is one the most popular types in use today – it's perfect for any home or office setting that needs an elegant touch to add drama and depth.

Nor Black Marble:

Nor Black Marble Slab

Nor Black Marble is a natural marble. It has an attractive dark color and can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes such as countertops, floor tiles, exterior cladding and more. Nor black marble is quarried in Rosia Montana of Romania; this quarry provides the most beautiful surface which offers its durability to withstand adverse weather conditions like heat and cold. Nor black marble is a popular choice for countertops, floor tiles and exterior cladding because of its durability, strength to withstand adverse weather conditions as well as beauty.

Nor Black Marble can be used in interiors such as bathtubs or shower walls which are based on the requirement of each client. It can also be used for floor tiles, countertops and exterior cladding. It is one of the most popular choices for these purposes because of its durability which withstands adverse weather conditions such as heat or cold.

Orio Black Marble Slab:

Orio Black Marble Slab

Orio Black Marble is a proprietary formulation used for the Orio collection. This black marble has dark veins that contrast with its glossy, sexy surface and white-gray tone to create an elegant effect perfect for contemporary spaces.

Romano Black Marble Slab:

Romano Black Marble Slab

Romano Black Marble Slab is a natural stone slab that has been hand-selected to give an exclusive finishing. The marble slabs come in different sizes and thicknesses, with the most popular size being 12x12 inches. Romano black marble can be used for all types of applications - countertops, flooring, walls and fireplaces.

The Romano Black Marble Slab has a dark, rich and exotic appearance with an irregular pattern of white veins running through it. Which make this slab unique in its style. It is not only for residential applications but also high-end commercial projects as well such as hotels, restaurants or offices.

Roza Black Marble Slab:

Roza Black Marble Slab

Roza Black Marble Slab is typically of the most popular marble slabs and it's very hard to identify any cracks or flaws. The surface area will be black in colour with lighter shades on the edges where light has touched them before they were cut from a quarry. This stone can vary greatly, but generally appears as a uniform black.

Slate Black Marble Slab:

Slate Black Marble Slab

Slate Black Marble Slab is a dark stone that has been treated with oil to bring out the natural colors. This marble slab will have darker patches on it which are more resistant as they have soaked up more of the oils from the surface area before being cut into slabs.

The main characteristic of this type of marble slab is its irregular surface. The stone has been cut from the quarries in a rough manner, which causes it to have more natural veins and edges than other marble slabs.

Svart Black Marble Slab:

Svart Black Marble Slab

Svart Black Marble Slab is one of the most popularly used marble slabs for home design. This kind of slab has a uniform black color and also features an even texture with medium to coarse grain. It's mainly popular in North America, Europe as well as Japan. Besides being very easy to maintain, this type of marble slab is also very durable.

Tauras Black Marble Slab:

Tauras Black Marble Slab

Tauras Black Marble Slab is made from the finest quality black marble. It's smooth, lustrous and flawless finish gives this slab a unique look that will surely enhance any project you have in mind and bring attention to your design. Tauras is available in two grades: Polished & Honed.

The top grade of Tauras, Polished, is the most popular finish and our best seller. The dark black of these slabs will make your project pop with confidence as they stand out against any backdrop or flooring material you choose to pair them with in your home.

Zocati Black Marble Slab:

Zocati Black Marble Slab

Zocati black marble slab is a high-end product and very popular. This type of marble slabs are available in various sizes such as 12x24, 16x32, 24x48 inches. Zocati Black Marble Slab is used to create sophisticated design for any interior or exterior surface application including countertops, flooring, backsplashes, and much more.

Zocati Black Marble Slab is available with a polished or honed finish option so you can choose the one that works best for your kitchen design. It's black marble slab has beautiful depths of color that will compliment any style with its elegant matte surface and subtle sheen reflection. The natural stone is very durable and wear-resistant.

Dark Gray Black Marble:

Dark Gray Black Marble

The dark gray marble slabs have an elegant, smooth texture and it is quarried from India. This type of stone is perfect for creating dramatic accents or as a subtle accent. There are many different options in this category. The stone can be polished, rough or brushed.

The dark gray black marble slabs are very popular because of the variety they offer as well as their versatility and durability; they will stand up to any high traffic areas in your home or office


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