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Travertino Marble Slab

What Is Travertino Marble Slab?

Travertino Marble Slab

Travertino Marble Slab is a highly prized and sought-after marble that has been used to create some of the most stunning floors in homes across America. It features an intricate marbling effect, which makes it one of the more attractive natural stones on the market for flooring applications. The stone’s color palette ranges from light browns to deep reds and even features inclusions of white calcite. It can be polished, tumbled or left with a sandblasted finish depending on the desired effect. The stone's beautiful colors make it easy to mix and match with other pieces to create a custom design that is perfect for your space.

Where You Can Use Travertino Marble Slab?

Travertino marble is not meant for heavy use areas, as it will scratch easily due to its soft texture. It is recommended that it be used as a flooring material in areas with limited traffic, such as:


Travertino Marble Slab In Bedroom

Bedroom floors typically have limited foot traffic throughout the day, which makes them an ideal spot to use Travertino marble flooring.


Travertino Marble Slab In Bathroom

The bathroom is another area of your home with limited foot traffic, so you may want to consider using Travertino marble in your bathroom to add a little extra style.

Living Rooms:

Travertino Marble Slab in Living Room

A living room is another limited-traffic zone that can be enhanced with gorgeous Travertino marble floors.


Travertino Marble Slab In Kitchen

If you have an older kitchen, chances are it's had its fair share of spills and mishaps over the years - so why not cover up those stained floors with beautiful new Travertino marble Slab?


Travertino Marble Slab In Hallway

Hallways are typically used for walking to and from other parts of the house, so they don’t see as much traffic. This makes them an excellent place to install Travertino marble tiles!


Travertino Marble Slab On Countertop

Travertino marble can also be used for countertops, but only in areas where liquids are not spilled frequently.

Master Bathrooms:

Travertino Marble Slab In Master Bathroom

A master bathroom is a pretty special place, so it might make sense to use the most luxurious materials available. Travertino marble can be an excellent choice for a master bathroom, but it's best not to use this material in the shower.

Entrance Ways:


If you have guests coming into your home frequently, then Travertino marble might make a great entranceway flooring option as well. The soft texture will easily hide dirt and other signs of wear and tear.

Laundry Rooms:

Travertino Marble Slab In Laundry Room

If you have a small laundry room in your home, using Travertino marble flooring is an excellent way to make the space feel larger.


Travertino Marble Slab On Fireplace Area

Travertino marble can also be used as a fireplace surround, though it should not be placed directly in front of the fire for safety reasons.


Travertino Marble Slab On Porches

Porches typically don't see much traffic and are fairly low-maintenance - so they make an excellent spot to install Travertino marble flooring!

Wall Coverings:

Travertino Marble Slab  On Wall Covering

Travertino marble is also an excellent choice for wall coverings, but it should not come in direct contact with water.

Advantages Of Travertino Marble Slab:

  • Travertino Marble Slab is available in different colors and finishes. All these color options are beautiful, so buyers can choose depending on the design they want to have for their homes.
  • The natural look of marble makes it a perfect choice for both contemporary and traditional designs. There are many types of stones that mimic this designer, but none of them quite match the look and feel that marble offers.
  • Travertino Marble Slabs are available in a variety of sizes, so customers can find something to fit their needs without any trouble at all. The slabs come in both large and small formats for those who want to do larger or smaller projects respectively.
  • Travertino Marble Slabs are available in a variety of finishes, so buyers can choose the one that suits their needs best. All these choices make it easier to get the perfect slab for any customer's project.

Finishes of Travertino Marble Slab:

The choice of finish will depend on the desired effect and what other surfaces are present to complement it. Our Travertino marble slabs are available in following finishes:

Polish Carving:

Polish Carving is a popular style that will leave the surface of your marble looking smooth and polished.


The Glossy finish will make your Travertino marble look like it's been buffed and polished to a high sheen, ready for pictures. Glossy will leave your marble looking glossy and reflective.

Sizes of Travertino Marble Slab:

We offer wide range of travertino marble slabs in following sizes:

  1. 800 x 1600 MM
  2. 600 x 1200MM

Travertino Marble Slab Design Collecton

We offer wide range of travertino marble slab designs or products to choose from and you can check it below:

Traffic Travertino Marble Slab:

Traffic Travertino Marble Slab

Traffic travertino marble slab is the one which has a prefinished surface. This product can be used for flooring, kitchen backsplash and fireplace surrounds. Traffic travertino marble slab is a beautiful natural stone that has been cut and polished to provide you with slabs in different shapes, sizes, thicknesses.

Travertino Classic Marble Slab:

Travertino Classic Marble Slab

Travertino Classic Marble Slab is a natural product with light and dark shades of brown, inclusions of reddish orange elements. The surface has visible veins that gives it an elegant look. Due to its availability, These slabs are used for flooring or wall cladding on many projects like kitchen backsplash tiles, bathroom vanities, kitchen islands.

Travertino Grey Marble Slab:

Travertino Grey Marble Slab

Travertino Grey Marble Slab, though a new product from our collection of marble slabs, is currently the most popular slab in our online stores and showrooms. Travertino Grey Marble Slab is a marble slab which has an off white to light grey color with light brown streaks like other travertine slabs. Travertino Grey Marble Slab provides the luxury and style of natural stone, without any care or maintenance requirements. It's perfect for anyone who wants something that looks as good as it feels.

This slab has a low degree of porosity and it's incredibly resistant to stains as well. It will not stain, even when exposed to bleach or other harsh chemicals. The marble also resists scratching and staining from acidic materials like wine or juice, whereas natural stone would be vulnerable to these things.

Travertino Ivory Marble Slab:

Travertino Ivory Marble Slab

Travertino Ivory Marble Slab, also known as "Ivoire" or “Ivory” marble slab. It's a limestone-based stone from the region of Carrara near Pietrasanta in northern Italy. The limestone quarries at this area have been mined since Roman times. Travertino Ivory Marble Slab has a more subtle pattern than the typical Italian marble, but it's still distinctive in its own way and can be used for many applications.

Travertino Ivory Marble Slabs can be used in both residential and commercial projects. In the home, it's a beautiful choice for kitchen countertops or backsplashes as well as bathroom walls. It also looks wonderful on staircases and foyers where you want to add a rich, elegant feel. In the office or storefront, Travertino Ivory Marble slabs are perfect for adding sophistication and elegance to any room.

Fossil Travertino Marble Slab:

Fossil Travertino Marble Slab

This type of design in made by hand from natural materials like fossils or sand mixed with water to create its own unique texture. The fossil travertino marble slab is perfect for flooring and kitchen backsplash

Pebbled Travertino Marble Slab:

Pebbled Travertino Marble Slab

This design is made from hand-selected, smoothed pebbles in various sizes to create its own unique surface texture which can be used as your countertop or living room floors.


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