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Ivory Marble Slab

What is Ivory Marble Slab?

Ivory Marble Slab

Ivory marble slabs are among the most popular forms of natural stone on the market. These limestone based tiles come in a variety of colors, including beige and white; they can also have veins running through them for that distinctive look. In general it's recommended to purchase ivory marbles with a lighter color; this will help the stone maintain its natural look and feel.

Where can you use ivory marble slabs?

Ivory marbles are best used in high-traffic areas of your home, like a kitchen or bathroom. The porous nature of these stones means that they'll wear down more quickly than other types of marble. below are some spaces where you can use ivory marble slab:


Ivory Marble Slab On Countertop

Ivory marble slabs make for a stunning countertop. These stones are perfect in high-traffic areas because they're more porous than other types of stone, meaning that the counters will have to be replaced less often. They also provide much needed grip under your feet as you work with food or fluids on your kitchen surface.


Ivory Marble Slab In Kitchen Backsplash

Ivory marble slabs are a great way to give your kitchen backsplash some life and pizzazz. They're porous, which means that any spills or splashes will be absorbed by the stone instead of leaving a stain on your wall behind the stove. These stones also offer plenty of grip so you won't worry about slipping and sliding when you're preparing a meal.

Bathroom floors:

Ivory Marble Slab On Bathroom Floors

Ivory marble slabs make for an elegant-looking floor in the bathroom, particularly if they are paired with other light colors like white or beige. You'll want to avoid using these stones near your bathtub though because of their porous nature.


Ivory Marble Slab On Bathroom Vanity

Ivory marble slabs make for a perfect vanity when paired with other light colors like white or beige. The porous surface of these stones means that you won't have to worry about stains and spills, while the natural look will help maintain a sense of calm in your bathroom space.

Living Room:

Ivory Marble Slab In Living Room

Ivory marble slabs can be used in a variety of living room settings. For example, they make for an excellent TV stand when paired with other light colors like white or beige; this will help you maintain the natural look and feel of your space while still making it functional.


Ivory Marble Slab On Exterior Wall

Ivory marble slabs are a great way to give your exterior some personality. These stones make for excellent steps, patios, or even garden walls--all just as long as they're paired with other light colors like white or beige so that the natural look and feel of these stones remains intact."

Available Finishes Of Ivory Marble Slab

Below You can find details about finishes in which our ivory marble slabs are offered:


Glossy Ivory Marble Slab

This appearance is obtained by grinding the surface of the natural marble and then applying a clear coat. This finish gives off a shiny, high gloss impression that can be used in diverse interior environments.


Rustic Ivory Marble Slab

A beautiful texture that is reminiscent of old world charm. Very popular, especially in the United Kingdom and Australia. Rustic Marble Slabs are available as both a surface tile and countertop slab with decorative edges. The finish has a soft look to it that can be obtained either by honing or acid etching. This type of finish is typically used in contemporary settings.


Satin Ivory Marble Slab

Satin is the most popular finish and its antique surface with a subtle texture gives an elegant feel to any design. It provides a luxurious, soft looking marble that has rich colors in shades of white. Satin can be used as accents or it will give you that classic look for your counters, cabinet fronts, backsplash tile panels or flooring.

Available Sizes Of Ivory Marble Slabs

Below you can find information about sizes in which our ivory marble slabs are available:

  1. - 600 x 1200 MM
  2. - 800 x 1600 MM
  3. - 1200 x 1200 MM

Ivory Marble Slab Product Collection

Here you can explore our ivory marble slab products and find the best design or product for your project or need. Below we provide our product collection with details about each product:

Bosco Ivory Marble Slab:

Bosco Ivory Marble Slab

Our Bosco Ivory Marble Slab is a marble with an ivory hue. This product can be used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and more. This marble slab comes in a variety of different sizes and finishes.

Gayro Ivory Marble Slab:

Gayro Ivory Marble Slab

It is a pure white marble slab that has an ivory-like finish. It can transform your living room into an elegant and comfortable space with its soft color. Gayro Ivory Marble Slab offers different finishes to choose from so you will be able to find the perfect one for your home design. They are available in polished, honed, veined, sandblasted and a number of other finishes. The sizes in which this marble slab is available are from 600mmx1200mm to 2400 mm x 4800 mm.

Gryes Ivory Marble Slab:

Greys Ivory Marble Slab

Gryes Ivory Marble Slab is a natural stone that has mellow tones and variations in color, which are similar to the ones found on ivory. The surface finish of this product can be any one of these four: polished, honed, flamed or frosty marble. It is available at different sizes like slabs, tiles, and blocks.

The product has a wide range of applications including kitchens & bathrooms, in the garden (fountains) or as cladding for walls or floors. This stone can also be used to create surfaces that are suitable for institutional use such as schools and hospitals.

Hexa Ivory Marble Slab:

Hexa Ivory Marble Slab

Hexa Ivory Marble Slab is a new luxurious collection of marble, created with the most precious and durable materials. This range has been designed to provide exceptional elegance in every project it will be used for: from bathrooms to exteriors or high end designer kitchens all around the world.

The hexagonal shape provides more stability than the traditional rectangular format, and guarantees that the material will not break if an edge or border is touched. The refined matte finish of this product offers elegance to any setting without compromising on maintenance: it resists stains, scratches and dirt more than a regular polished surface would.

Marbo Ivory Marble Slab:

Marbo Ivory Marble Slab

Marbo Ivory Marble Slab is a composite material with rich, warm tones. It comes in slabs that are about six inches thick and measure 12"x12". The entire surface of the slab can be polished to achieve an exceptionally smooth finish, or left unpolished for more texture.

This product can be used as the floor, wall or ceiling feature for any room in your home. It is also a great material for countertops because it resists stains and scratches. Marbo Ivory Marble Slab has an R-value of .66 per inch which means that it reflects heat back into the room where it is installed.

Marlin Ivory Marble Slab:

Marlin Ivory Marble Slab

Marlin Ivory Marble Slab is one of the most popular colors in this collection. It features a soft, delicate shade with subtle gold undertones that give it an antique-style appeal. This color will work well for any room in your home - from kitchens to bathrooms and even living rooms.

If you are looking for something with brighter tones than Marlin, you might want to consider Linen. This color is a sharp white with subtle hints of beige and a little bit of gray in it. It’s perfect for those who are looking for something fresh and new while still being timeless at the same time.

Ostra Ivory Marble Slab:

Ostra Ivory Marble Slab

Ostra Ivory Marble Slab is a natural marble slab with an ivory color. This 100% genuine, premium quality and durable product is notable for its hardness and beauty of the surface. The distinctive features are at once both delicate and strong in character but also classic in design making it ideal as a stylish flooring material which will not date or go out of fashion.

Paradise Ivory Marble Slab:

Paradise Ivory Marble Slab

The best natural stone for exterior use is the Paradise Ivory Marble Slab. The marble’s surface has a subtle blend of colors that will add warmth and character to any outside wall.

Roma Ivory Marble Slab:

Roma Ivory Marble Slab

Roma Ivory Marble Slab is a beautiful, unique and natural stone. It will add a touch of elegance to any home or commercial space without being too flashy. The marble slab features an ivory base color with cream veins that are easy on the eyes; it also has more variation than other types of slabs because there’s no uniformity.

To get the most out of your Roma Ivory Marble Slab, it’s important to know how you can create a decorative focal point in any space with marble. One way is by placing an evergreen plant in front of it for all seasons and another option is to incorporate metal frames that are available at furniture stores.

Rossaliya Ivory Marble Slab:

Rossaliya Ivory Marble Slab

The Rossaliya Ivory Marble Slab is an innovative product that guarantees beauty and reliability in equal measure by combining different finishing techniques: polished (polished), tumbled matte finish and tumbled glossy finish.

The Rossaliya Ivory Marble Slab is a surface that can be used in both interior and exterior environments. The tumbled matte finish has been created to withstand the effects of humidity, heat and cold as well as acid rain; it also provides an excellent basis for applying all kinds of coatings. This kind of finishing technique makes use of small pits and scratches to increase the surface’s protective properties.

Travertine Ivory Marble Slab:

Travertine Ivory Marble Slab

The Travertine Ivory Marble Slab is a cool, transitional style that will make any space look and feel expansive. This material can be installed on floors, walls and countertops to give your home or office an instant facelift.

This product is also available in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can customize the look to suit your space. For example, if you're looking for something modern and sleek that will last through years of wear-and-tear, then consider taking a look at this polished stone option


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