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Blue Marble Slab

In the market, there are many different types of marble slabs. But one type is blue marble slab and it has a perfect combination with Indian architecture which enhances beauty in your home or office space. Blue Marble Slab is available in various sizes so you can avail them as per your requirement. Furthermore, these tiles are durable and water resistant.

What Is Blue Marble Slab?

Blue Marble Slab

A blue marble slab is a polished stone that has been cut and shaped. The stone is generally formed of natural material which is often quartz or limestone from quarries. They come in different colors, but are most commonly seen as a blue color. Blue Marble Slabs can be used in a variety of ways, including as an art piece to display inside a home or outside in the patio area.

Where Can You Use Blue Marble Slab?

Below are some places where you can use blue marble slab:

Blue Marble Slab For Kitchen Countertops

Blue Marble Slab On Kitchen Countertop

You Can use blue marble slab in your kitchen as a countertop. The natural color of the stone will lend to any style you have and with its durability, it is an excellent choice for this area.

Blue Marble Slab For Bathroom Walls

Blue Marble Slab On Bathroom Wall

If you are looking for something elegant to add to your bathroom walls but also want durability, try using blue marble slab. With its cool color and shine, the stone will certainly accentuate your bathroom's décor.

Blue Marble Slab For Home Office

Blue Marble Slab In Home And Office

If you are looking for a new desk or table to add to your home office space but don't want an ordinary wood surface, try using solid blue marble slabs that have been cut into smaller pieces.

Blue Marble Slab For Patio

Blue Marble Slab On Outdoor Patio

If you have a large patio space and are looking for an interesting material to add, blue marble slabs may be the perfect solution. The stone will provide a natural color that is sure to accentuate any exterior décor while also providing durability in these high-traffic areas.

Blue Marble Slab For Entryway

Blue Marble Slab In Entryway

Having trouble finding a doormat that you love? Why not try using a blue marble slab as your entrance to greet guests. The stone will certainly be eye-catching and is sure to make quite the impression on anyone who enters.

Blue Marble Slab For Fireplace

Blue Marble Slab On Fireplace Surround

If you are looking for something beautiful but also want durability, consider placing large slabs of blue marble on your fireplace. The stone is sure to add a lot of character to the space and will provide you with years upon years of enjoyment.

Blue Marble Slab For Flooring

Blue Marble Slab On Flooring

If you are looking for something durable that can withstand heavy foot traffic, consider adding solid slabs or tiles made from blue marble as your home's flooring. The stone is sure to provide you with years of enjoyment while also adding character and elegance to the space.

Blue Marble Slab For Garden Wall

Do your gardens need a little more life? Why not add some blue marble slabs as feature walls that will bring color into this area in addition to providing durability and beauty.

Finishes of Blue Marble Slabs

There are many different finishes are available in blue marble slabs like:

Glossy Blue Marble Slab

Glossy Blue Marble Slab

This finish is glossy, but not shiny. It looks more like a natural stone than the other finishes and has a beautiful blue color.

High-Gloss Blue Marble Slab

High-Gloss Blue Marble Slab

High gloss blue marble slab is a high-polished, polished and honed finish. The color of the stone is deep and rich with an iridescent quality that provides depth to its appearance. With this type of finish there are no pores or fissures visible in the surface, hence it can be used as a wall cladding. High gloss blue marble slab is generally cut into rectangular slabs, as it has a uniform thickness and can be used to create large expanses of contiguous surface area.

-The high polish level on this type of finish means that the natural veining or patterns in the stone are not visible at all when installed, giving an even, marbled appearance.High gloss blue marble slab is suitable for both residential and commercial spaces and can be used on floors, walls or countertops.

Rustic Blue Marble Slab

Rustic Blue Marble Slab

Rustic Blue Marble Slabs are a popular choice for people who want to combine the elegance of marble with the rustic charm of wood. The best part about this stone is that it can be mixed and matched with any other type of material, such as natural slate or travertine tiles (see our blog post on kitchen tile trends).

Bookmatch Finish Blue Marble Slab

Bookmatch Finish Blue Marble Slab

Blue Marble is a natural stone and has been used for centuries in many different ways. Bookmatch Finish Blue Marble Slab is when the marble slabs are cut against one another at an angle to create a pattern of diamond shapes on both faces creating more visual interest with each piece being unique from the other side.

The Bookmatch Blue Marble Slab is a reference to the natural stone slab that covers about 60% of Earth's surface. Its slabs are available in depths from one inch up to three inches and widths 18 inches. The marble’s most notable characteristic is its uniformity, making it an excellent choice for flooring projects such as walls, floors and staircases.

Different Sizes

There are mainly two sizes in which we offered blue marble slab:

  1. 600X1200 MM Blue Marble Slab
  2. 800X1600 MM Blue Marble Slab

Blue Marble Slab Product Collection

Below You can explore our blue marble slab product collection and get details about every product.

Palissandro Blue Marble Slab

Palissandro Blue Marble Slab

The Palissandro Blue Marble slab is a deep blue marble with the texture of an old stone. It has veins that make it look like you are looking at patches on water surface in the middle of a lake. You can install this product as wall cladding or flooring and enjoy its unique beauty in your home.

Onyx Blue Marble Slab

Onyx Blue Marble Slab

In the world of marble, there are many different colors and textures to choose from. When you're looking for something with a rich blue color that also has some texture, Onyx Blue Marble Slab is one option worth checking out! Our slabs come 800X1600 MM. Onyx Marble Slab provides an elegant look that will enhance the beauty of your home or office.

Bloster Blue Marble Slab

Bloster Blue Marble Slab

This is a product that is eco-friendly and can be used both inside or outdoors. It looks like marble but has a blue hue to it. Bloster Blue Marble Slab is made from recycled glass slabs of various shades of blues ,which gives it a unique finish that most people love. They are durable and can be used for both indoor or outdoor purposes.

Coral Blue Marble Slab

Coral Blue Marble Slab

Coral Blue Marble Slab is one of the most popular and widely used types of stones in India. Coral Stone has been found to be available in many colors such as black, blue, green, red etc. These colours are not mixed up but look beautiful together! The natural beauty that you will find when looking at these stones makes it worth the money spent! The stones are also very popular in China, Thailand and Indonesia.

This type of stone has been used in India since centuries to make temples as well as edifices that were rich with carvings and sculptures which is a proof for its durability and endurance through time. Coral Blue Marble Slab can be customized according to the need of customer so that they can enhance their beauty and look.

The stones are available in many sizes such as small, medium or large. Coral Blue Marble Slab is a durable type of stone with excellent natural colors which is why we recommend it to people all over the world!

Galaxy Blue Marble Slab

Galaxy Blue Marble Slab

If you are looking for a truly one of a kind flooring solution, then Galaxy Blue Marble Slab from Brazil is the perfect choice. This natural stone features swirls and tints in its blue marble slab that create an elegant look with a touch of uniqueness. The slabs themselves vary greatly in color so every installation will be different depending on the location. In addition, this type of marble is resistant to staining and can be polished for a gleaming finish.

The Galaxy Blue Marble Slab is available in multiple sizes as well as various finishes like 800X1600 MM Glossy.

Kashmiri Blue Marble Slab

Kashmiri Blue Marble Slab

Kashmiri Blue Marble Slab is a finest quality Indian marble that is sourced from the mountains of Kashmir. This particular slab offers an attractive blue or sea green appearance with natural veining and shading variation in different shades of white, gray and black colors.

Unik Blue Marble Slab:

Unik Blue Marble Slab

Unik blue marble slab is a natural stone material sourced from the earth. It has been processed to provide an excellent finish and can be used for many purposes, most common use of Unik Blue Marble Slab being as flooring in homes or offices. These slabs are available in different shapes like squares, rectangles or rounds that provides a unique feel to any space.


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